Friday, November 11, 2011

Knitting Nooks

Have you checked out Kristin of Yargasm's new website Knit Nook? I was featured on there recently and while I talk more about it in the next episode (which I am currently working on the shownotes on for, but my back decided to be evil, which resulted in me lying down on my back in bed for most of the day) it got me thinking about my own knitting nook, which was one of the questions Kristin asked me.

As of right now, I have no knitting/craft room, much less a knitting nook. I just have a desk, and a spot on the couch.

Our bedroom is pretty big - there is a bed, bike, tall dresser, 2 bookcases, 2 desks, 2 chairs, an end table and my 2 skinny yarn towers. The far wall is the "office" area where the desks and bookcases are. Thing is, ever since Mel got his laptop he is NEVER at the desk where the PC is. Waste of space, especially since we plan to get two bookcases and a bridge to complete our tv unit from IKEA (the Hemnes series in black-brown in case anyone is wondering).

It's going to look exactly like this:
Why the uneven bookcases? We  want the tv to be sorta centered to the couch because our living room, while rectangular is laid out wonky because of the placement of windows and doors.

And now that hypothetically, that office area in the bedroom is totally clear of the two old, cheap desks because the PC tower and a bunch of books from the bedroom will be in that unit, this is what I have planned for my knitting nook/teacher space:
The picture with the macarons is the color scheme: plum, coral, grey and mustard - the plum will be painted vertical stripes along the wall. I already have the Manhattan poster and FINALLY found a frame for it cheaply too at Urban Outfitters. I was pleasantly surprised while trolling through that site - I hate their clothes, but their apartment stuff is pretty cute! However, I still prefer etsy and independent artists when it comes to wall art.

The desk is the Hemnes one from IKEA, and it was these knobs that finally got the ball rolling:

Can we see how amazing these knobs are? They are from a seller on Etsy called Vintage Skye and I just so happened to stumble upon a 25% off sale. I could easily visualize them with the grey desk and I was sold.

And I mean, really, how more appropriate can you get for a knitting nook when you find a knob that has a vintage ad on it?

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