Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmastime in the 212

Merry Christmas everybody!

Last night was a very classic NYC Christmas indeed - my mother was very gung-ho about going to "The Tree" at Rockefeller Center. We (as in, my parents, sister, a cousin, Mel, myself and Mel's 2 brothers) took the subway, got off at 5th Avenue and 60th Street, and walked down 5th Avenue to Rockefeller Center.

Earlier in the day, Ollie was eyeing the Christmas gifts:
Where are my toys? I smell catnip!

and dreaming of Santa and catnip while I was tracking his location on NORAD.
Santa...please bring me catnip. I've been a good cat this year!
When my family got out of the train, we headed over to the windows at Bergdorf Goodman and saw the star that is at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 59th Street:
 Then we headed further down to Tiffany (on the left) and Cartier wrapped up in a bow. 
Then we finally made it to The Tree - so crowded! It's been awhile since my family and I walked down 5th Avenue which was a tradition of ours, so it was nice to start it up again.
  After a quick rest stop in the Starbucks at the Rockefeller Center Concourse, we headed over to Times Square then took the train home and had Christmas Eve dinner at the local diner.

Happy Holidays!!!

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