Saturday, December 10, 2011

Episode 23: Field Trip!

On the Needles
First, I need to make this clear - I am not doing ANY holiday knitting. This year I had put my foot down on it. While I have the yarn for many a holiday gift that is not only assigned to queued projects, I unfortunately do not have the time. Sigh.

Hopefully, I can get a lot of knitting done over my winter break which is 10 days long in two weeks. Yay! Taking the no-holiday knitting a step further, I didn't even ask for anything knitting related on my wish list; not that I am a knitting grinch, its just that there wasn't really anything that was a MUST on my knitting agenda. I am really trying to knit through most of my patterns and through my stash.

I have completed the first of the Dionysius Socks, which have been a bit of a slog. Sadly, because of work and school, everything is a bit of a slog these days when it comes to knitting - at one point I was suffering from a bit of knitter's ennui again, simply because projects were taking too long because I barely had any time.

I did have a little bit of difficulty with the toe because the directions where unclear. Once I figured out what the problem was, I turned to a pair of socks I already knit to figure out how to do basic toe decreases and then I figured it out. To prevent the toe from being too long, I did my decreases for some rows twice as fast, skipping the second row where you jut knit the stitches.

The one thing I AM knitting for someone is the Snapdragon Tam Round Two in Roman Hills Gruber which is their worsted weight yarn out of the colorway Toasted Marshmallow. This is a test knit of the yarn, and this just so happened to be knit around this time of year;   and I can just see this one on my co-ELA and Homeroom teacher. She has always complimented me on my knits so I know that she would be one to appreciate it.

Knitting Travels
On Black Friday, DH and I borrowed my parents' car and went to IKEA in Red Hook, Brooklyn on a specific mission: to complete our tv unit. This is very important for Operation Knit Nook because we realized once the whole thing was built, we have SPACE. Going to IKEA is definitely like taking a field trip to a museum, but one filled with stuff you can touch and sit in.

 Knitting Finds
First, Miriam Felton came out with a new pattern collection called The Confluence Collection. The idea behind this is "is a grouping of patterns exploring the convergence of lines and points in knitted space." What really caught my eye first was the use of color: fushcia, deep plum and natural as the pallet which is something I wouldn't have thought of, but seeing it together showed me how it worked really well.

The second thing was the use of texture like that on the Vinculum Cardigan. Even the back is really interesting since it tips down into a slight V. The Clustered Vest is aslo of an interesting construction. If you are in the mood for pops of color, a dash of texture and a little bit of something different, do check out this pattern collection. At $18 for 6 patterns, its a pretty good deal especially if you do like a good majority of them which I definitely do.

Next, we have a printable knitting colorwork calendar from Derya Davenport who is the creative mind behind Laylock. Laylock is a Welsh word for lilac and the idea behind the blog  is a "one-person knitwear (and knitware) design busy-ness that is footloose & fancy-free." Thanks to Threadpanda for tweeting about this! She also has lovely patterns - some of my favorites include the Parasol Stole and the Cornflower Hat.

Should anyone be inclined to knit a last-minute gift, there is a lovely free, bulky weight cowl out called the Zig Cowl by Isabell Kraemer of the Grasflecken blog, based in Germany.

Finally, I want to end the knitting finds with a video by Brooks Brothers:
Happy Holidays!
Closing Song: "Got Something for You," by Best Coast and Wavves

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