Saturday, January 21, 2012

Be Still, My Wool-Loving Heart

It's all Clara Parkes' fault. Since her Wonders of Wool class, the Wool-Loving Monster has been unleashed.

After recieving some lovely handspun Wensleydale from Rachel over at On the Round, I have fallen in love with handspun even further. The slight coarseness, the rustic quality to it, the lovely colors and man, this skein has such a beautiful luster (see that! using my new wool vocabulary!)

I was puttering about on the computer awhile ago when Rachel sent a tweet about Handspun Shetland.

Repeat after me:


I may or may not have ordered these two (ps. 10% off with the code WELCOMEBACK till January 29th!)
Photos from On The Round
Man I REALLY want a wheel now. I just cancelled my monthly yoga membership (no time sadly due to work and school, but I will get a class card to go occasionally) so mayyyybe I can get one by the end of the year? I'll have to do alot of trials at Maryland Sheep and Wool again to make sure a Lendrum is the one for me.

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely recommend learning to spin and I, for one, LOVE my Lendrum. Good luck in your quest!


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