Friday, May 4, 2012

Holla Knits Blog Tour!

Hey all! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet and the final stop on the Holla Knits Blog Tour!

If you haven't heard of Holla Knits, seriously, where have you been???

The concept is great -  it "is a fun new site dedicated to bringing you knits you’re sure to love: bold, challenging, flirty designs you want to knit and wear immediately. Holla Knits is bridging the gap between what you knit and what you wear every day."

It is the brainchild of Allyson Dykhuizen who also runs The Sweatshop of Love (and featured in the "In the Conductor's Booth" series for the show); she saw that there were lots of patterns out there that looked great but weren't really what young, hip knitters would make and Holla Knits was born.

For the 2012 subscription (which now went up to $36 per year), you get 18 patterns - 6 each for the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections and also an Accessories collection. If the Spring/Summer collection is any indication then it is definitely worth it to subscribe. Check out the patterns:

In Awhile, Crocodile

Put a Belt On It
This is just only a few of the great patterns available (and only the start of the discussion of Holla Knits - will definitely talk more in the next episode of the show!).  As a teacher, I always find it hard to have fun knits in my wardrobe that are also work friendly. I can definitely see myself knitting these three in particular and wearing them to school because the patterns are interesting and can definitely fall under the "semi-professional" category.

Finally, Holla Knits is sponsoring a pattern giveaway! In the comments below, tell me which one would you knit and why?

Thanks for stopping by! Check out all the previous blog tour stops:

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PS. Subway Knits is moving! Please update your bookmarks with the following site:


  1. Umbre Lovre! The colorwork is bold but not loud, and I love the drapey, relaxed styling.

  2. In a while crocodile. What a great, totally wearable piece. I would love to throw it on with some jeans and a cute spring jacket!

    Ravelry ID: srrose104

  3. Ditto for In a While. I want to learn crocodile stitch!

    Rav ID: kangath

  4. In a While is my pick!
    RAV ID johalley

    1. Yay! The Random Number generator chose #4 and you are the 4th commenter! I will PM you.

  5. I love the lacy look of the Holla Back Tank

  6. Really, I like all three...but, i think the first one I would pick to knit is Umbre Love. I don't have ANY summer knits and have been thinking about how to rectify that. Umnre Love is beautiful.

  7. In a While Crocodile would be my pick.

  8. I would love to bring "In a While Crocodile" home. Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Love your podcast. Thanks for sharing about spinning. I did exactly what you did with spinning. I got a cheap drop spindle worked on it which was very frustrating and difficult. Hung in there and figured out how to use it. I then bought a Ashford Kiwi Wheel and I just ordered a pocket wheel in which I am on a waiting list till December 2013. I upgraded slowly. I am a spinning addict. I got a drum carder from Brother (reasonable priced), combs (Paradise Fiber). Got a fleece from Black Sheep Gathering and processed it. I then got into weaving and use my hand spun in my weaving. I got a Ashford 32" Riget Heddle Loom and love it. I have found the rabbit hole and keep on digging deeper and deeper.


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