Monday, July 23, 2012

Tour de Fleece: The Maillot Jaune

I have finally completed my first ever Tour de Fleece!
Into the Whirled Romney, Colorway Ritual
80 yards, ranging between worsted and heavy fingering but for the most part a DK weight.

Some things I learned from spinning up this fiber:

1. I need a longer niddy noddy - maybe a two yard one. I got my one yard one off of eBay so I will go into my shopping history and see if that seller has a longer one.
2. I really can't tell if I spun this worsted or woolen - I think because I spin with the fiber in my left hand and drafting with my right its a bit wonky.
3. So is my spinning - people say to spin clockwise, but I spun counterclockwise since I hold the spindle in my right hand.
4. I need to get a spinning wheel. 

I keep telling The Aussie to take photos of the fiber but he hasn't done so yet (and I still have yet to read the manual - maybe some reading during the drive down to Florida?) so this will have to do. Will put up more pictures when I get them.

Having done the Tour de Fleece two years in a row as a knitter with stops and starts and not finishing the projects, I am really happy that I finished. Now, what do I do with this yarn? Any suggestions?

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  1. I have the same dilemma about my handspun. What to knit? What to knit? I recently started learning how to weave so I hope to use some of it for the weft of some scarf projects. Mittens and hats or hand warmers are always good for handspun as they don't require a lot of yarn for the project. You did a great job with your spindle. Do give a wheel a try. You'll love it! Keep an eye on spinning groups on Ravelry. I and a friend of mine bought our previously owned wheels that way at quite a saving.


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