Saturday, November 17, 2012

Vogue Knitting Live - NYC 2013

I just registered this morning, and I am SO excited. For several reasons:

  1. It is taking place during a 3 day weekend. So that means I can have time to play, knit, socialize and still have a day to lesson plan. 
  2. Last year, I really wanted to attend Nicki Epstein's Knitting on Top of the World lecture; I have the book, and I am fascinated with knitting history. But it was sold out. Not this year! I registered for it...
  3. ...and also registered for The Little Lopayesa with Ragga Erikksdottir, from Knitting Iceland. This is about the classic Icelandic sweater, with more knitting history and tradition from Iceland. 

I registered for the Times Square package which is a pretty good deal - 1 class, 1 lecture and a 3 day marketplace pass for $100.

Do you plan on going? What classes are you taking or want to take? Anyone interested in a meetup? Let me know!


  1. Yes! Yes! I just registered for Ragga's steeking class and Ysolda's sizing classes. I'm super excited!


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  3. I have Nikki Epstein's book also -- I bought it specifically for the dragon pattern. If she says anything directly related to that pattern, could you please note it for me? (My eldest grandson loves dragons and I'd like to knit it for him. Probably not for his 7th birthday in February, though..... too complex and too much already on the "to knit" list before that. I've got a couple more dragon story books for him to go with it.)


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