Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Message from Ollie and Adele



This is Ollie (stop LICKING me, Adele!) -

- and Adele! -

Ugh, silly dog. Anyway. This is Ollie, the elder fur-child, coming to tell you that Maria has been recovering from something that makes her sneeze. Trust me, I know sneezing, I do it too. Alot. 

OW! You BIT me! 

I wanna play! Anyway, The Aussie has been really sick too. I even went to the doctor because I have been having a lot of accidents. No needles though, yay! 

Ew. More refined animals use a LITTER BOX, you know. 

Pfft. Come on, let's wrestle. 

I need to FINISH here. Anyway, we are here to tell you that Maria will be uploading a lot of catch-up posts about Christmas and her trip to Montreal (and something about a podcast - what's THAT? I heard her say that a new "episode" is going up tomorrow, whatever that is). 

I have to say, last week was AWESOME back home because SOMEONE also left the house - 

- HEY! Not nice! 

I had a wonderful time lolling on the couch and on the floor without fear of someone trying to wrestle all the time. I needed a vacation! 

Well I had an even better time at yiayia's - I got to run around the WHOLE HOUSE!

And your point is...?


Anyway. We hope you stick around because it sounds like our parents are getting better. I'm off...pigeon duty calls. 

BYE! It's time to go play with the ball! 

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