Sunday, March 17, 2013

knitter, Knitter, runner, Runner

As far as I know, there is a difference between a runner and a Runner. Just like how there is a difference between a knitter and a Knitter. It's the difference between dabbling in something versus immersing yourself in the culture, community and the lifestyle that comes with the hobby.

I am a Knitter. I have a spinning wheel, have made a sweater (albeit frogged but I did it), have at least more than one sweater quantity in stash, and then there is the stash: fiber, yarn, needles, buttons, stitch markers. I go to knitting events, pay for classes and workshops and go to knit night and socialize with my friends. I teach knitting and it is a part of my everyday life.

While the things I list above are not the be all to end all to what qualifies someone as a Knitter, those are the things that make me identify myself as a Knitter. However, I am not a runner.  The Aussie is a Runner. He just qualified for the NYC Marathon, has run more than 9 races to do so.
This morning he is running the NYC 1/2 Marathon. I am immensely proud of him, especially since less than a year ago, he tore his MCL and had to have surgery. He is part of a local running club and is one of those at the gym who I envy as a chug along with my C25K app: the one that can run at 6+ miles per  hour for more than 5 minutes without stopping or pressing the slow down button, the one with the chic running gear. His non-work wardrobe is nothing but the free tshirts he gets for running his races and his running shoes as he wears them out. 

That's how I know The Aussie is a Runner. I am not sure of what me as a Runner will look like, but I think I'll get there one of these days. I just got back on the treadmill after two weeks and just as a precaution, I didn't start my new week on the app. I went back and was a little nervous about how I would do, but I was actually really surprised.

I liked it. I liked the exhilaration that came with running (5 MPH) and the adrenaline rush. I think I get it now, or at least I am on my way to understanding why people become so addicted to running.

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