Sunday, April 28, 2013

Memories on a Fridge

My knitting group on Ravelry is running a summer swap, and one of the survey questions was: "Is there anything that you collect?"

I refuse acknowledge that I collect yarn and fiber. To me, collecting means to gather things to display and is there for visual consumption only. I use my yarn, and I use my fiber. I just haven't had the chance to do it yet.

That being said, there are a few things that I do collect. One is Christmas ornaments (or something along those lines) from the places that The Aussie and I have traveled to.

The other, which is easily accesible, definitely portable, great for swap purposed and seen all year round are magnets. More specifically, magnets from places either The Aussie and I have been to, or family and friends have been to (and we will get to, one day).

This is the current state of the freezer door:
 From left to right: Boston, South of the Border, Ireland, Philadelphia, Kastoria (Greece), Rome,  Philippines, Acropolis, Harry Potter World, Sheep/Llama/Angora Bunny, Portland. Next row: Disney, Florence, Australia, Savannah, Japan, American Museum of Natural History, British Museum, Fordham University, Tampa MoSci, Canada. Starting with the Pelican: Tarpon Springs, Puerto Rico, Metropolitan Opera House, Florence, Unicorn for my Rav Knitting Group, Augusta, Eastern State Penitentiary, Canada, Chicago, Israel. Below: South Carolina, Mykonos, Venice, Acropolis (again, that was a gift), Crete, Monemvasia (monastery in Greece), Villa Roma (end of year school Field Day), Biltmore Estate, Vermont. Finally: Ninety-Six Historial Site with Atlanta represented by Gone with the Wind magnet, Naples, Paros (island in Greece), Turks and Caicos, Las Vegas, Word (where No Sheep till Brooklyn meets) and "i knit so i don't kill people." 

What I really like about collecting these magnets is that most of them tell a story: the Puerto Rico magnet is from Little Sister, who went there and got a custom made one that says "Casa Last Name." It was actually broken in half, but we fixed it. Eastern State Penitentiary was a trip I made with my knitting group - we went to the haunted house and I got so scared I screamed in Sarah's ear.

Las Vegas was The Aussie and mine's first major trip together, and except for the two Florence magnets (which are of The David and The Birth of Venus close up in ceramic), the Italy ones my sister got as well even though we went to Italy on our honeymoon.
Bit of a close-up. I actually get very sad when they break because they really are irreplaceable, unless we go there again. I just noticed this morning that the Philippines one (brown at the top above the Fordham magnet) was broken. We have to wait until we go back again to see The Aussie's family to get a new one. 

Some of them hold little surprises.
If you look closely, the guy sleeping in the South of the Border magnet actually sticks out a bit. He is on a spring and it's always fun to flick it. That magnet reminds me of many drives down with my family to Florida. The little black sheep, which is from Dublin Airport en route to Italy for our honeymoon, has a little shamrock. He is one of my favorites. 

 Some of the favorites are invariably grouped together.
I love them all, but I have a special place for The Olde Pink House (Savannah),  19th century Painting of Tokyo and Mount Fuji (Japan), American Museum of Natural History/Metropolitan Opera House (NYC), and The Birth of Venus (Florence) for the design and events associated with those places. 

Sometimes, its alot of work to go through all the pictures, sort and edit them, and print them out to put in photo albums (and alot of money - I am only able to do them now because I have a coupon code), so the magnets serve as a permanent placeholder for those memories.


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  2. I have an extremely similar collection of magnets on the side of our refrigerator too. I've collected them for years from everywhere I travel. :)


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