Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Long Island Fleece and Fiber Goodies

Today is graduation day (!!!!) and while I have a bajillion other blog posts lined up (graduation, pickles, Craftsy class review, oh and month overdue show notes...) I thought I might give you some eye candy in the form of goodies from Long Island Fleece and Fiber for you to pore over.
The whole haul. Usually there is a theme to my purchases in
terms of color or style, but not this time.  
Nala just called to me, its is a pale pink with some green angelina in it. Lousie was a gift from Tabbethia! She knew I really liked it at VKL. It's alpaca, so not good for a sweater, but I see a Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed Shawl in my future. 
Hampton Artistic Yarns. They had such beautiful things.
Gorgeous soap from Utopia Bath and buttons for a future Acer cardigan.
As usual, I buy the buttons before the yarn. 

The haul was tiny, but mighty - I didn't walk away with sweater quantities, but things that I am really happy about.

Now its time to get back on the sheep because I have FOUR sweaters to knit this summer, along with the 3 pairs of socks that are on the needles, oh and the hat, things for my mom...

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  1. Happy Graduation and thanks for sharing your stash enhancements ~ it all looks scrummy!


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