Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Subway Knits Episode 54: Stop the Presses

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On the Needles
Frogged Wedge, cast on Rosa Rubiginosa from Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet. 
Joined Camp Loopy and redoing the Cladonia because Adele chewed on it  I belong to Treehouse 2 which "looks" like this on the inside:
Spin Right Round
Hurt my back, and not sure I'll accomplish my goal.

There is a mini giveaway for the Tour de Fleece - post what you have accomplished by the end of the tour in the thread and there will be two prizes: Northbound Knitting Finn in Only the Lonely and additional Northbound Knitting Odds and Ends that I will spin up, which is also part of my Tour de Fleece goal.
Knitting FindsBrooklyn Tweed has published its first men's collection, and there has been much squeeing and discussion on twitter and Ravelry which has been alot of fun to read and participate in.
So far, I have been able to classify the reactions into the following categories in this order:

  1. Sweaters for men? Let me take a look.
  2. Wow...the models are really good looking. Let me enjoy this for awhile. A really long while. Yeah still enjoying it. 
  3. Oh wait, they are wearing sweaters. That's the point of this. They are really nice! 
  4. I wonder which ones I can knit...
  5. ...and if I knit them, will they turn my SO into a Brooklyn Tweed model?
  6. If they don't like it, then I get my own nice overside boyfriend sweater. I still win.
It has been an uphill battle trying to get The Aussie to pick something for me to knit for him ever since I started knitting, but he FINALLY picked a sweater - Slade. Which is the one I wanted to knit for him! And it sorta matches the Larch Cardigan so we will (not quite exactly) match, which is going to be silly and fun.

Rowan Pioneer pretty much the whole Internet has been in a furor over good looking men in sweaters. There is even a tumblr, Bearded Men in Knitted Things. 

Donna Druchunas is hosting a webinar for her new app, Travel the World of Knitting. The link to sign up is here and the information is below:

The webinar will be July 27 at 2PM EDT (Other time zones: 1PM Mountain, 11AM Pacific, 7PM London, 4AM July 28 Sydney)
The webinar will feature an introduction by Donna Druchunas, a tour of the app with Sally Holt, the brains behind the KnitCompanion software, and live Q&A where you can learn about my travels, patterns, and all of the amazing features in the app.
The KAL will take place throughout August on her Ravelry group.
Fyberspates recently sponsored the Back to Back Challenge in the UK with the team finishing in about five and a half hours. 
Knitting Travels
I completed jury duty for the first time, took Erica (from What Would Madame Defarge Knit? and What Else Would Madame Defarge Knit?) to Taverna Kyklades and visited Knitty City before they close for renovations, and ran the lawn to watch a movie at Bryant Park

Metropolitan Knits: Chic Designs for Urban Style by Melissa Werhle, published by Interweave Press. $24.95 USD. Long story short, get this book. It is chic, tailored and definitely can fit into anyone's wardrobe, and the patterns are entertaining and fun to knit.
Thanks to the folks at Interweave, we are hosting a giveaway for the book! Take a look at the patterns here and comment below the post with the pattern you would want to knit the most. On July 25, I will run the Random Number Generator to pick a winner! Please include your email and your Ravelry name in the post so that I have a means to contact you if you win. 

Thanks for listening!
Closing Song: "Feel the Same Way" by Poema

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  1. I LOVE the "Grand Army Plaza Shawl." I'd love to win the book. Thanks for the chance.

    lmecoll on Ravelry

  2. Oh, I love the Carriage House Cardigan. And how great is the sizing - double your back width - love that.

    Taphophile on Ravelry

  3. There are two I would want to cast on right away, although they all look great! I love the Open Air Cardigan and is perfect for the fall in KS because of such drastic temperature changes in just one day. I'm also in LOVE with the Union Square Cowl. Super cute and comfy looking!

  4. Definitely the opera house mitts. Beautiful. I'd also knit the meier cardi.

  5. Difficult to choose but I think I would knit the Meier cardigan first.
    Rav id = sandrarum

  6. There really are some beautiful patterns in that book! I have been wanting to knit a pullover, so I think I would start with the Le Cirque cowl neck. Thanks!
    Diane, aka deedalee on Rav

  7. I really like the Brooklyn Bridge Cardigan. I am always drawn to that style. Thanks for a chance to win the book!
    Rav ID- JulesBr

  8. I love Carriage House Cardigan - so elegant and pretty!

    Thx for the giveaway!

    (Goodstuff on Rav)

  9. I love the Bleeker St Cardigan and the Courtyard Pullover. I met Melissa (neoknits) while on line at Jenny the Potter's at Rhinebeck, and she was wearing her Quintet, but with a belt and it was gorgeous! This book looks really interesting!

    woolyeyes on Rav

  10. I really like the Cobblestone Hoodie.

  11. I really like the Skyline Sweater

    rav: Pyra

  12. I love the Sunday Henley.anks! Th

  13. I would cast-on the Brooklyn Bridge Cardigan first. This style of sweater has always drawn me in. Thanks for a chance to win the book! Love the podcast, too!

  14. Such a lovely book! I love the Meier Cardigan and Sunday Henley especially :)

    UberOrange on Rav

  15. I absolutely love the Carriage House Cardigan!
    schwip on rav

  16. The names of these patterns are so engaging! I really love the Le Cirque Cowlneck Sweater, the Uptown Scarf and the Brooklyn Bridge Cardigan. I can also see myself making the Courtyard sweater because I like all the texture.

    Thanks for the review!

  17. Got to be the Bleeker Street Cardigan, though there are several others that are mighty tempting. I'm Stitched-Together on Ravelry.

  18. I love the Courtyard Pullover, but I'm really impressed with a lot of the designs in this collection! Right up my alley.

  19. I really like the grey tunic and the cardigan with the lace pattern on the button band. Both would be a lovely addition to my wadrobe!

  20. Thanks for the giveaway! I really like Meier and Washington Square!

  21. The book is great. My favourite patterns are the Brooklyn Bridge cardigan and the Magnolia cafe cardigan!

  22. Cobblestone Hoodie would be my first choice. theharts at windstream dot net Rav amchart

  23. Skyline tunic would have to be my first knit

  24. I totally want to knit and wear the Meier Cardigan.
    Rav name is HolliYeoh

  25. The Sunday Henley is beautiful! I love The neckline.
    Thanks for the great show :D

  26. Why do you make us pick just one?! I can't so the ones I really want to make the most are Magnolia Cafe, Skyline, and Sunday Henley. For now at least

  27. I would love to knit the Washington Square Cardigan and the hat, of course. The Meier Cardigan would also be fantastic. Pick me, pick me, pick me.....!!!

  28. I really like the Open Air Cardigan. The Cowl and the Mitts are lovely!
    Thanks for the giveaway
    tlobner on Ravlery

  29. What a great looking book! I love the Open Air Cardigan.

    (goodstuff on Rav)

  30. I love the Washington Square Cardigan! Living near Grand Army Plaza like I do, the shawl also looks like a great knit.

    Cindymen on Ravelry

  31. I would like to make the Chinched Cardigan. It is lovely.

  32. Oh I love the Cobblestone Hoodie, but I'd love to make just about all of these for my daughters. :)


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