Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cadence Pullover; Or, How to Get Better Photos of Your Sweater

Step 1: Finish your sweater. Block. When you mess up the blocking and your sweater becomes two sizes too big because you did not know how to deal with superwash when blogging, turn to the Twitter and Rav hive for help. Use help to fix sweater. Jump for joy, thank the hive and pack your sweater.
Step 2: Pick an "exotic" (read: out of your ordinary) location for photo shoot. Bonus points if it is somewhere interesting, like where you are going on vacation. 
Step 3: Ensure that you have a photographer (friend, husband, significant other). If not, a tripod is handy.
Step 4: A fluffy addition always helps make photos cuter.
Step 5: Closeups, when taken just at the right time, right angle and right place, always turn out gorgeous. This one below is my favorite photo.
1 reincarnation (the yarn used to be my February Lady Sweater), 5 redos of the bottom and a panic attack later, I have a new sweater. It's cozy, soft and was so worth it in the end.

1 comment:

  1. Those photos are lovely. The Aussi did a really great job capturing the model and the knitwear. ;-)

    I like the sweater a lot - it suits you beautifully!


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