Saturday, November 16, 2013

Every Woman Needs a Bit of Sparkle in Her Closet

My birthday is coming up soon, and while it is not quite the "big" 3-0, I feel the need to celebrate. Or do something.

Honestly? I just want to dress up and wear something sparkly. I've been feeling the sparkle lately (the holidays are coming and that means sequins and plaid galore), though I did hit a snag in my online shopping research when I discovered that French Connection doesn't believe in anything over a size 10.

Lesson learned: stick to what you know. And what I know is JCrew. There is a sequin mini I'm eyeing for the three holiday parties I'm going to, and I can dress it up or down depending on the shirt. It's called versatility.

That being said, I don't want to wait to turn 30 for the sparkles. Why should I?

I put "big" in air quotes (so to speak) because I am actually looking forward to turning 30. My early 20s were the last few years of irresponsibility (somewhat), as I traveled and studied and didn't worry about paying bills (other an a credit card), rent and trying to be an adult.

My mid-late 20s was more of a transition period: getting married, getting used to being married, getting a job, starting a new job, paying student loans, utilities and rent, trying to figure out what to do when I "settle down" (again, air quotes as I think these phrases are a bit silly and cliche, but alas, do not have the language to describe what is happening precisely because it's cliche) and gulp, saving for a house and retirement.

I think I am used to that new reality as I turn 29 in the next few weeks; it also helps that alot of my close friends are over 30 so I know that it isn't as traumatizing as trend pieces and Buzzfeed make it out to be.

With the combination of my birthday coming, a desire for sparkles, and a coupon code, I treated myself to these for my birthday:
They are the Keds for Kate Spade Glitter Kicks; Kate Spade is another one of my go-tos (when it's on sale, I don't believe in full price). Completely superfluous, but totally fun.


  1. How great that you've treated yourself and didn't wait for you to turn the "big 3-0"! More power to you! Would love to see you rockin' those! :)

  2. You are just a baby ;) I say that with pure affection and no condescension. Happy Almost Bday and congratulations on enjoying the growing up. I like to think we're always growing up, it doesn't stop, you know? Anyhow. I'm with you. I love an excuse to rock a sparkly item. Celebrate all year :) Now I want something sparkly and new ... drat.


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