Thursday, May 22, 2014

Off to the (Wine) Country: Long Island Fleece and Fiber Fair

Last weekend was the Long Island Fleece and Fiber Fair (I like to call it LIFF for short); I hosted the bus from NYC to Riverhead again, and had such a great time! 

What is great about LIFF is that while its a small festival in terms of vendor size, it's large on activities and demonstrations. If you ever are the type that wants to go to MS&W or Rhinebeck and you end up missing out on demos because you are shopping (which is TOTALLY fine by me, I do it all the time), LIFF is the place where you can get the shopping done and also have the chance to see the demos as well. 

Dana and I were at first a bit disappointed in that the bunnies weren't there this year, there was definitely something to make up for it! If you follow Long Island Livestock on Facebook, you know that Tabetthia recently adopted a baby pig, named Piggety. 
L: Piggety, R: Pansy. 
He is ADORABLE. Pansy is sweet too, but Piggety is younger and therefore more active. Pansy is a bit of a chill diva.  
It was fun seeing the llamas; I remember when I went out to the open house last summer and Kareena was just born; she is the llama on the far right below. I also got a question that I was wondering about finally answered - llamas always have a patch of their coat unshaved because it serves as a "sample"  of their fiber for when they are taken to competitions. Later on in the day, we got to see Tabbethia shear one of the llamas and learn more about the difference between shearing a llama and shearing a sheep. 
The real highlight this year was touring the homestead, which I did not get to do last year. We walked in the Hallock family house and got to see what it was like up until 1979, when the final family member left; now it serves as a museum.  
This is a sampler that one of the Hallock daughters made chronicling the births in the family. 
Bedroom in the Hallock house. Love the Singer machine. 
After the tour, we headed for lunch, which was similar to last year but I think definitely an improvement. I think the lack of a line really helped as well as more seating; Dana and I were able to sit in the sun a bit and enjoy the weather, even though it was a bit windy!

I wore my Larch Cardigan that day and over lunch, I came to a sudden realization: if I want a new Rhinebeck sweater done in time, I need to start knitting one as of yesterday. We all know how slow I knit and on top of that we have Greece. I am not knitting a sweater in Greece. It's going to be HOT. And there will be no air conditioning at some points during the trip. 
As part of the tickets on the bus, riders got some goodies - one of the best ones was a free "Flight" tasting at Martha Clara Vineyards across the street. Dana and I got to try three wines and each sample was quite generous! The vineyard is also dog friendly and you can picnic on the grounds; I definitely want to go back and do a day trip in Long Island Wine country during the summer. 
 Now for the haul! 

Compared to last year, I did not purchase that much yarn and no fiber at all. If it weren't for Fiddle Knits (where I got the two mini gradient skeins and the full skein of sock yarn below) I would have walked away essentially empty handed. Alas, I did not.  
Dana compared Fae Mist (the skein on the top right) to Monet's lilies, and I saw that the gradients are definitely reminiscent of Van Gogh's Starry Night. Those will definitely become socks. Fae Mist is going to be some kind of cowl or skinny scarf. Maybe a pretty pair of socks. The tote bag was part of our goody bag for going on the bus. 
The fabric is vintage, purchased from the antiques shop at the Hallock Museum. I have something planned up my sleeve for Memorial Day/Fourth of July and when I saw the fabric, I knew that it was perfect. I am very much looking forward to going to LIFF again next year, and cannot WAIT for Rhinebeck. It's going to be epic. 
 photo cheers.jpg


  1. Oooo looks like good times. I like the cute pigs and that I spied sausage ...

    Seriously, between that and the yarn and wine, we could easily be friends ;)

    The gradient yarn looks gorgeous. Enjoy!

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