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Saturday, February 28, 2015

In My Habitat: Saturday Afternoon at New York Public Library

As February closes today, the local weather reporters are going collectively nuts over how this was the coldest February since 1934. It was definitely a cold and bitter month, and I for one am really grateful that I was able to escape to California last week when winter was at its worst. 
This was actually the first time in my memory (or at least in my adult memory, when I start to pay attention to these things), that the fountain in Bryant Park froze over. They had to turn off the water. 
While it was freezing outside, the main branch of the New York Public Library was warm and cozy inside. 
I really like what they did with it - when I was in college, it was nothing more than a tourist spot and a  research library; now there is a shop (I am a sucker for museum/library shops), a cafe, lending library and an education center. 
It is one of my favorite places in the city and the Rose Reading room is an exceptional piece of architecture; sadly the ceiling is under renovation. So The Aussie and I had to make do with other parts of the library, which was an opportunity to explore some of the more remote corners of the building, like the Genealogy and Map rooms.  
I also took the opportunity to finally get some photos of my Habitat taken. The lighting in the library is varied, but the tall windows make for some great photo opportunities. 
I knit it out of On the Round Handspun that I purchased several years ago before I got my spinning wheel; Rachel's work is lovely and squooshy. Since I knitted the Habitat once before, I decided to take it an extra step further by putting a pompom on top; I used Bernat's faux fur pom pom in Gray Lynx, which suits the yarn perfectly. 
Knitting up with this is making me itch to go back to my wheel, which I have not touched since July - right before I left for Greece. I was spinning during the Tour de Fleece, and had the "bright" idea to wear my immobilizer on my left wrist, thinking it would support me while I spun. 

Turns out, my wrist strained against the immobilizer and had no room to move naturally, which resulted in my RSI flaring up and essentially being on knitting hiatus last summer. Not that I knitted much since it was so hot in Greece. 

Now I am really back into it and one of the things I am trying to do in 2015 is to document more, and to have fun while doing it. Hence the photos in the telephone booths. 
 Knitwear model I am not, but it was a lot of fun taking the photos in the vintage telephone booths that are sprinkled throughout the library. I am not sure if the payphones actually work, but thought it was a funny little joke to be on my iPhone inside the telephone booths. A bit of social commentary, as it were.
 photo cheers.jpg

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WIPs Wednesday: Epic Fail

This week, I experienced a big case of knitting fail. More epic than usual because it was about something so simple. 
I thought I was chugging along nicely with my Nevelson Pullover, just in time for Vogue Knitting Live. Then I noticed something. 
It was twisted. And no matter how much I turned the hem of the sweater around the cord of the circs, it wouldn't untwist. I had a Moebius hem. 

Rule #1 of circular knitting: "take care not to twist." Sigh. Off to the frog pond. 

As a little consolation, my Habitat is coming along nicely. No fails here. 
Yet. I still have a ways to go, and many cables to cross. 
 photo cheers.jpg

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Subway Knits Episode 54: Stop the Presses

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Pom Pom is the knitting magazine for intelligent, creative types! Head to our website for an independent take on patterns, witty and interesting writing, great photography, and much more at  
Subway Knits is also sponsored by Gynx Yarns, which offers a wide range of hand dyed colorways with new colorways added all the time. There are a variety of bases available, all of which are ethically sourced. Visit Gynx Yarns today to find the perfect yarn for your next project.

On the Needles
Frogged Wedge, cast on Rosa Rubiginosa from Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet. 
Joined Camp Loopy and redoing the Cladonia because Adele chewed on it  I belong to Treehouse 2 which "looks" like this on the inside:
Spin Right Round
Hurt my back, and not sure I'll accomplish my goal.

There is a mini giveaway for the Tour de Fleece - post what you have accomplished by the end of the tour in the thread and there will be two prizes: Northbound Knitting Finn in Only the Lonely and additional Northbound Knitting Odds and Ends that I will spin up, which is also part of my Tour de Fleece goal.
Knitting FindsBrooklyn Tweed has published its first men's collection, and there has been much squeeing and discussion on twitter and Ravelry which has been alot of fun to read and participate in.
So far, I have been able to classify the reactions into the following categories in this order:

  1. Sweaters for men? Let me take a look.
  2. Wow...the models are really good looking. Let me enjoy this for awhile. A really long while. Yeah still enjoying it. 
  3. Oh wait, they are wearing sweaters. That's the point of this. They are really nice! 
  4. I wonder which ones I can knit...
  5. ...and if I knit them, will they turn my SO into a Brooklyn Tweed model?
  6. If they don't like it, then I get my own nice overside boyfriend sweater. I still win.
It has been an uphill battle trying to get The Aussie to pick something for me to knit for him ever since I started knitting, but he FINALLY picked a sweater - Slade. Which is the one I wanted to knit for him! And it sorta matches the Larch Cardigan so we will (not quite exactly) match, which is going to be silly and fun.

Rowan Pioneer pretty much the whole Internet has been in a furor over good looking men in sweaters. There is even a tumblr, Bearded Men in Knitted Things. 

Donna Druchunas is hosting a webinar for her new app, Travel the World of Knitting. The link to sign up is here and the information is below:

The webinar will be July 27 at 2PM EDT (Other time zones: 1PM Mountain, 11AM Pacific, 7PM London, 4AM July 28 Sydney)
The webinar will feature an introduction by Donna Druchunas, a tour of the app with Sally Holt, the brains behind the KnitCompanion software, and live Q&A where you can learn about my travels, patterns, and all of the amazing features in the app.
The KAL will take place throughout August on her Ravelry group.
Fyberspates recently sponsored the Back to Back Challenge in the UK with the team finishing in about five and a half hours. 
Knitting Travels
I completed jury duty for the first time, took Erica (from What Would Madame Defarge Knit? and What Else Would Madame Defarge Knit?) to Taverna Kyklades and visited Knitty City before they close for renovations, and ran the lawn to watch a movie at Bryant Park

Metropolitan Knits: Chic Designs for Urban Style by Melissa Werhle, published by Interweave Press. $24.95 USD. Long story short, get this book. It is chic, tailored and definitely can fit into anyone's wardrobe, and the patterns are entertaining and fun to knit.
Thanks to the folks at Interweave, we are hosting a giveaway for the book! Take a look at the patterns here and comment below the post with the pattern you would want to knit the most. On July 25, I will run the Random Number Generator to pick a winner! Please include your email and your Ravelry name in the post so that I have a means to contact you if you win. 

Thanks for listening!
Closing Song: "Feel the Same Way" by Poema

Listen here, and subscribe here.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Early Morning Walk

Well, not that early. But early enough for a Sunday.
Snow cleared away, but still sniffing for the white fluffy stuff. 
It may be the concrete jungle but we still have some greenery,
and the issues that come with it. 
A mini snow oasis amidst all the brick and concrete. 
And I finally have a finished object. Love squishy cables. 

Happy Sunday. 

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Episode 46: Logical

Subway Knits is sponsored by Roman Hills: Pretty Nerdy, Pretty, Nerdy Yarn. Please show support by clicking on the link above.
Pom Pom is the knitting magazine for intelligent, creative types! Head to our website for an independent take on patterns, witty and interesting writing, great photography, and much more at  

Off the Needles
BFF Cowl Seed Pod link - loved knitting this. It made so much sense. I was a bit confused in the beginning with the chart bc I didn't realize that is was akin to a lace chart, but looking at the pictures made me realize tis before I started the flower bc it was logical. You could get a sense of what will happen next.

On the Needles
Bella Mitts. I really want to try and finish the second one before Montreal or within the first day or two of landing. I am also planning to bring the long hibernating Dionysius socks, and the Larch Cardigan.

Spin Right Round
Spinning after a month, of not being at the wheel. Not really liking pencil roving.

Knitting Finds
Craftsy App for iPad and iPhone
The Great White Bale
Wool People 4

Swatch and Learn
Got an Elmo, knit stitch accomplished except for 3 kids. One is still struggling to cast on - has horrible handwriting and holds his pencil weirdly. Any tips for those with hand issues? I know knitting will help him but running out of ideas.

History on Two Needles by Annie Modesitt. Available through Cooperative Press and Ravelry Direct Download. 

VKL giveaway - Winners are maglascock and yourmomsays. Congrats! I will contact you for your passes.
2 Year Podiversary/50th Episode Giveaway - ask a question on the thread to enter for a chance to win a skein of Northbound Knitting Handspun in the colorway Only the Lonely.
QAL update
Downton Abbey swap signups are still open
Last minute knitting find - Tin Can Knits from Canada is offering a free pattern of your choice with the code SHARETHELOVE until January 1. Thanks to Amy of Threadpanda for posting this, and spread the word. I got Snowflake for myself.

Happy Holidays and thanks for listening!
Closing Song: "Carol of the Bells" by The Bird and the Bee

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Episode 17: Pattern Binge

On the Needles
Because I left my February Lady Sweater in my parent's car on Sunday, and there was a miscommunication between my dad and I about him coming by so I can get it back, I didn't get the sweater back until Wednesday night. I was still traumatized by the Snapdragon Tam and wasn't up for much else, so I decided to cast on for a pair of Dionysus Socks which is a free pattern, using Knitsch Fingering Weight yarn in the colorway Mansfield Revisited.

On Friday night, I cast on Norie from The Shetland Trader by Gudrun Johnston. Inspired by seeing the version by Rachel of the bmore crafty blog - join the Small Knits Knit-A-Long on twitter by using the hashtag #skkal.

Knitting Travels
My mom, sister and I went to Socrates Sculpture Park on Wednesday night to see Biutiful with Javier Bardem. It has an outdoor cinema - the most popular and well known cinema is at Bryant Park where there is the big race to grab a spot on the lawn, but there are other locations as well.

This is where I tried to knit in the dark for the first time; granted it wasn't pitch dark b/c of the film and general NYC light pollution but it was dark enough to try it out.

Hung out with Abby at Knitty City and after that we had lunch at this vegan cafe called Peacefood Cafe - first time at a vegan restaurant but the food was pretty good. As a result of eating there, am doing some research about sheep shearing and treatment of sheep. Sheep do need to be sheared, lest they look like Shrek, but the fleeces do get heavy and can cause them to overheat.

Knitting Finds
I did go to Knitty City with a mission - I needed some wooden circular needles to prepare for my trip to Turks and Caicos this Monday. I like wooden needles, though I do make exceptions for my signature DPNs and also, the ChiaoGoo metal lace needles that I picked up at MS&W. GreenTriangleGirl from A Playful Day podcast also talks about them as well in a recent episode. ChiaoGoo also has wooden circulars, made of Moso Bamboo.

Jared Flood recently came out with Wool People, a collection of patterns by various designers highlighting the Shelter line.

Interweave Knits and Knitscene Fall are out, but except for 1 or 2 patterns that I would wait for to be published individually, aren't really worth it.

Anyone up for a Fall-Winter Knit-A-Long? More specifically, a Knit the Queue-A-Long. We all have patterns clogging up our queue and I would like to start up a new KAL so that we can get those must-want-to-knit patterns off the queue and into the projects page. More details coming soon - for now, I would like to see who is interested.

Closing song: "The Summer Wind" by Madeleine Peyroux from Half the Perfect World

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Episode 16: Chicken and Rice

Off the Needles
Towards the end of my program, I was getting severe startitis. I also really really wanted to knit from my stash and just do something with my hands other than write fake lesson plans and write on chart paper during summer school. I needed a reprieve. How does one get a mental reprieve?

Well in my case its finally completing your first knitted FO from a Japanese pattern book, called "Favorite Aran Knits." I knitted cap #7 by Mariko Oka which I call my "Sea of Japan" hat - partially because it is a Japanese pattern, and partially because I knit this up in Fresh from the Cauldron Merino Silk Worsted in Poseidon which is a lovely blue-green sea color with a bit of shimmer.

Two things really helped me with this hat: I finally purchased "Clear and Simple Knitting Symbols" which had most of the cable stitches, but not all of them. However, the cable in the Bramble Beret from Vintage Modern Knits is the same one in Cap #7.

I also completed another Turn a Square for a classmate of mine who asked for one very nicely during the 6-day seminar that I attended immediately after teacher training.  In exchange, he bought me lunch. More specifically, Dominican Food. I never had Dominican before so I picked a basic chicken and rice platter at a place in Harlem near where our seminar was located. It was SO good.

But this experience begs the question: what do I do in the future if someone asks me for a knitted object? What do you guys think? Any tips for deflecting future requests?

On the Needles
I cast on for the Rock Island Shawl by Jared Flood. I want to have a few more shawls in my wardrobe and give the Traveling Woman a bit of a break. I cast on for the lace edge in Creatively Dyed Sami in Fresh and  Persimmon Tree Farms Piggy Toes SW and I saw this lovely forest/hunter green and sky blue yarn.

I worked on this mostly during a seminar I took the week after my program ended - it was mainly about how students have all different ways of learning and there are neurocognitive causes for that and the students have strengths and weaknesses in these certain areas, like memory and attention.

So why am I mentioning this? On the first day we did introductions - and as part of my introduction I mentioned that I am a knitter and participated in a cognitive study at Columbia University last fall which examined the link between doing repetitive tasks (such as doodling or knitting) and attention and retaining information.

I said this for mainly one reason: if I am going to sit in a chair for 6 hours for 6 days, I am going to knit. Otherwise I will go bonkers. So this was my way of politely declaring it and also asking for permission - I wanted to get a sense of what their reaction was - which was really positive!

The man in charge of the entire program for the NYC Department of Education talked to me about how his grandmother knitted and that there need to be more studies on the connection between memory/attention and knitting. One of the facilitators put down "Knit, sketch, purposeful movement" on our guidelines and norms for the week.

This experience reminded me of the Miss Manners article about knitting in public that came out a few weeks ago and fired up all over twitter.

Knitting Trainwrecks 
I did get the February Lady Sweater back on track - bit of an issue with the cast on of the 7 underarm stitches when separating for the sleeves. 

After I finished the Sea of Japan hat,  I casted on the Snapdragon Tam by Ysolda Teague.

However, last Sunday was a day of epic, epic, fail. Not just knitting trainwrecks, but life fail as well.

That Sunday, I am happily knitting along on my Snapdragon Tam and just about finished. I noticed it was coming along 2:45 - its a 20 minute walk to my yoga studio and I really wanted to go to a particular class at 3:30. So I race to complete the last two rows, cast off's too big. This time, it involved...FROGGING.

So that happened in the 5 minutes before I had to leave for yoga. To top it off, while walking to yoga, my flip flop broke. I missed yoga.

Spin Right Round
A very minor update here - of rather what did not happen during the Tour de Fleece. I was a part of Team Sasquatch and was off to a great start - I finished the first ounce of polwarth that I purchased from Gherkin's Bucket in the colorway Motley. Plus, I even got to spin while watching the actual Tour de France when they did the recaps that fourth of July weekend.

My goal was to spin at least 15 minutes a day - but what I didn't anticipate was feeling so tired during the course of my program that when I got home, I needed those 15 minutes either to sleep a bit more or do the assignments that I had to do and submit on time.

I am definitely going to finish up that braid and came to a realization - I really do enjoy spinning. But man is spinning on a spindle slow. I'm going to have to start saving up for the Lendrum, which I will be able to try again  at Rhinebeck! I am 90% definitely going for sure that October 15 (it will be 100% once I purchase the ticket).

If anyone else is going and will be around that Saturday, do let me know b/c I would love to plan a small meetup and get to meet you all.

Knitting Finds
I must be very strange because for the most part, a lot of the fall knitting patterns are not that appealing. This is why I didn't look at the new Twist Collective when it came out lest I be tempted, but overall this is actually a good thing - I can use most of this season to catch up on my queue and knit from my library.

Knitty First Fall: Double Heelix, Lingerie, Dragonwing, Bosnian (this last feature and pattern goes well as a companion piece to an article in Knitty from 2006 about the History of Knitting).

Twist Collective: Boundless, Evendim most of the Spirited Away section such as the Hawthorne Hat and Mitts, Sheepcote and Loure.

Twist also had some really great articles on seaming and the last wool mills in Ireland

People have been talking about Google+  lately and there are a lot of knitters on there which is another great way to network. There is also a knitter's database that is being compiled so that you can share your information and join in on the conversation.

Finally, I want to mention a blog called Falling Stitches, which is run by Ariane,  a French Canadian knitter living  Montréal. She has some great designs and one of my favorite things about her blog is the What's Hot on Ravelry Series.  Definitely want to knit one of this week's selections, called the Imogen Cowl.

Thanks for Listening!
Closing Song: "Big as the Sky" by A.M. 60

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Episode 9: Onto the Castle

Off the Needles

Completed Vasili's Socks - still need to weave in the ends and perhaps do a light steam block to open up the sock a bit more. Finished the toe while sitting in the front seat of my parent's car - had the opportunity to try out the Sea Bands and knitting at the same time since I didn't get a chance to do that while in Florida, despite the copius amount of time spent in the car.

On the Needles

Thanks to the generosity of a listener, I have recieved 6 skeins of Lorna's Laces Dove in the colorway Aslan! I knew that this was dying to be a sweater so I eventually cast on for the Castle Pullover, by Cecily Glowik MacDonald from Quince & Co.

Knitting Trainwrecks
I didn't actually get the yarn and immediately swatch for the Castle Pullover; according to the Ravelry database Lorna's Laces Dove is an Aran weight yarn. In reality it's not; I swatched for the Cadence Pullover on 10s and didn't get gauge, even though the fabric was to my taste. Then tried 11s to get gauge and it was too loose so I undid the swatch and pretty much threw my interchangeable needle case across the living room (not quite, but close enough). I took the yarn and wrapped it around my WPI measuring tool and instead of 8 WPI, I got...13 which is a heavy sport/light fingering. Definitely not aran.

Knitting Finds

Velvet Hippo - her stitch markers are so lovely! Like little bits of jewelry for your knitting, which is apt since Torii is also a jewelry maker and it shows in the quality of the stitch markers.

Little Red Bicycle - heard about this indie dyer from the Never Not Knitting podcast, really beautiful tonal and semi-solid colors as well as some variegated.

On Brooklyn Tweed's blog, Jared Flood discusses a recent trip he made to the mill in Maine where the Shelter line is made, and mentions that he is going to post a photo essay series this week on the entire process in which yarn is made at the mill which is very exciting. (not jsut for the gorgeous photography but to also see how yarn is made at a mill)

Events and Knit-a-Longs

Went to the first of Knitty City's Ravelry meet-ups, which are on the first Thursday of the month from 6-8pm. There were snacks, lots of knitting and a 10% discount. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the listeners from the show and learned something interesting about myself. Also met Jennie Gee who created the popular Keep Calm and Carry Yarn bags and recently brought a new series of bags to the shop. I picked up one of them which is a series of screenprinted quotes related to knitting from literature - the first quote was from Charles Dicken's Tale of Two Cities. Definitely plan to go to the next one!

This Sunday, Courtney Kelley and Kate Gagnon Osborn from Kelbourne Woolens, who are distributors of the Fibre Company Yarns will be at Purl SoHo teaching an Intro to Cables and Arans Workshop from 12-3 and a book signing of Vintage Modern Knits and trunk show will follow from 3-6 pm.

Maryland Sheep and Wool is coming! Hooray! Who will be going? Unfortunately the vendors are still not up, so I can not make my plan of attack (via Excel spreadsheet) just yet.


Thanks for listening!

Closing Song: "The Car Song," by The Cat Empire from the album Two Shoes. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Episode 1: Welcome!

Download and Listen here.

Opening Song: "All Hands Against His Own" by The Black Keys

Introduction and About Me: 
How the Selbu Modern gave me carpel tunnel
Knitting Daily's Newsletter on Wrist Exercises

Off the Needles - The Holiday Edition:
Hemlock for my in-laws
Beaumont Beanie for my mum
Turn a Square for my dad
Woodland Shawl for my sister

On the Needles:
Sock Monkey by Patons
Two Super Seekrit Projects using Malabrigo Worsted in Moss and LB Lion Brand Collection Cashmere in Natural

Knitting Finds:
Fresh from the Cauldron - Etsy Shop and Ravelry Group
Knit Girl in Idaho - Etsy Shop

Books and Pattern Review:

Knitting Travels:
Japanese Stitch Dictionaries - ISBN 97845290207189784529022934, and 9784529015882

Spin Me Right Round:
Kundert Spindles
Bosworth Spindles

Events and Knit-Alongs:
Slogalong with Stash & Burn podcast
Stash Bust Army (#StashbustArmy on Twitter) with Yarngasm podcast
Starting up "Knit the Queue 2011" (#knitthequeue on Twitter) and my 2011 queue as a sample

Happy New Year!

Closing Song - "Stains of Saints" by The Weather Machines

Thanks to Sarah, aka killerlashes for the blog banner! I bow to your mad design skills. 
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