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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Subway Knits Episode 56: Down the Rabbit Hole

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Off the Needles
The Cladonia is complete! I think this will go to my MIL for xmas. When I blocked the yarn I used a new Eucalan no-rinse wash called Wrapture, which is developed by Kristin Omdahl. The scent is a light Jasmine and while you can smell it, it's not overpowering. I really like Eucalan and usually use their Grapefruit scent when washing and blocking my handknits.
On the Needles
I am such a Camp Loopy fail for this month, but it was a great motivator to get the sweater done. Now I want to knit Narragansett which is what Jen from Commuter Knitter knit up for her Camp Loopy Project 2.

Sorting for HPKCHC is tomorrow and I plan to submit an OWL for Ancient Runes, Option 1 which is to knit something with colorwork, and I chose the Red Light Special for it.

I am also reorganizing my queue and trying to put some Christmas knitting on there - one of the tricks to the game is not knit for the classes but make the knitting fit the class by being creative and tell a story.

I am also going to submit projects for Detention - this is where you work on WIPs. I have 3 pairs of socks that must be finished before it gets too cold, and the Summer Flies shawl.

I also went back through my queue and added tags to everything - especially if the pattern is free, in my library or if I have to pay for it.

The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits, published by Interweave Press, $14.99 (The hat I mentioned by Tiny Owl Knits is the Parseltongue Hat).
Ply Magazine, Summer 2013: The First Issue, $36 for a yearly subscription (4 issues)
Photo Source: Independent Stitch
Pins & Needles
I made two project bags, learned how to sew straight, and seriously fell down the rabbit hole of sewing. I'm going to Mood with my mom this week! Design*Sponge has really good tutorials for home sewing projects like curtains, pillows and a duvet cover.

The latest edition of In the Conductor's Booth is a text based interview with Nadine Curtis of Be Sweet and there is a giveaway!

Thanks for listening!
Closing Song: "Feel the Same Way" by Poema

Listen here, and subscribe here.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Episode 20: Mitosis

On the Needles:
Nothing much new to report...still working on the Cladonia and the February Lady Sweater - now that I am out of HPKCHC, I do not feel the pressure to knit the Cladonia and to finish it immediately. That being said, it is still my lunchtime/happy hour knitting.

This weekend is a three day weekend and the principal and the AP in my school told me a bunch of really positive things about my job. In fact the principal told me that i needed to relax and that she is proud of me, so I am definitely taking their advice this weekend! As such, I really want to finish the February Lady Sweater for two reasons: one, Rhinebeck is next weekend. Two, my coworkers are finally realizing that yes, knitting is cool. I think this is because now that it's getting chillier, I am wearing my hats and Traveling Woman shawl; they see it and I am getting a really positive response, if a bit still mixed.

Spin Right Round
This week, I didn't get much spinning done - in the way spinning is normally done. The kids in my class were learning about mitosis this week, and when I read in the lesson plan the words, "spindle fibers" I had a eureka moment. I go to my co-science teacher and say, "I have a crazy idea." The crazy idea was, use the three drop spindles I own, some yarn, 11 kids, me, name tags and visually and kinesthetically demonstrate the stages of mitosis. Using drop spindles.

Knitting Finds
Through the world of twitter, I have discovered a new indie dyer - At Knits End Yarns by Kim Hartmann. She dyes using Kool-Aid and it comes out beautifully! She also has some really great bases such as Sparkle Lace and Falkland sock yarn which I have not seen as an available base. She is going to be part of The Fiber Connection booth with Oblivious Knits and others at Rhinebeck next weekend.

Knitting Travels
There was a pretty decent Groupon offer for School Products Yarns in the Garment District - since this is a three day weekend, I knew that if I didn't go this Saturday, I wouldn't go at all. My mom came with me since we had other errands to run together after and I thought it would be fun for my mom who is a non-knitter to see what yarn shops look like.

This week, we are taking a belated look at KnitCircus Fall, and Teeny Tiny Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec.

KnitCircus is jam packed with so many things that make me happy: first, interviews with Jared Flood and Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia Yarns. There is a really great feature by Wendy Johnson about designing your own lace cowl.  There is also an article on colorwork.

There are plenty of sweaters for both men and women which provides alot of versatility and variety throughout the collection. Some of my favorites include the Sunshine and Fog Tunic, and the majority of the Lacy Goodness Collection such as the Turning Point Shawlette and the Mica Cowl. Ruckle is a really interesting hat because of its contruction with pleating and puckers knit into the body. One of my favorite things about KnitCircus is that they usually end with a recipe: this time, its Candy Apple Scones.

You must get Teeny Tiny Mochimochi if only for one reason: it will make you feel happy just ging through the book. If you are interested in knitting up the mochi, there is great reference information at the beginning of the book to help you with toy construction, and at the end, ways to display and use the mochi in various ways throughout your daily life. It retails for $19.99 in the US, and $22.99 in Canada. 

QAL Update
25 FOs so far in the FOs thread and lots of great and supportive chatter here. Come join in on the fun! You can submit an FO at any time, so long as it fits the criteria for the QAL (at the top of the QAL Chat Thread) and is submitted by December 31.

Since there is no formal Subway Knits Meetup, I will be at the Ravelry Meetup from 12-1 at the field by the main gate. Most convenient for everyone.

Stephen West is having classes, book signing and trunk show for Westknits Book 3 at The Yarn Company on the Upper West Side.

Closing Song: "A Postcard to Henry Purcell" from the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Episode 19: For the Love of Color Cards

The school year has started! My kids are a bit crazy at times and I am feeling overwhelmed and trying to find my feet, but the knitting helps.

On the Needles
There has been a bit of a stall with the knitting lately simply because school has started. That being said, I have cast on for the Cladonia and  getting a little bit of it done here and there and it is very good subway knitting. I am knitting the Cladonia in a light fingering, heavy laceweight yarn - Gherkin's Bucket MCN Cashmere in a custom colorway called Saucy.

I have seen a lot of Cladonias done both with the stripes and without and personally I prefer the solid color ones - for me they are more classic. Then again, it depends on what color combination is chosen - my friend Christy is also knitting one and she is using Jabberwocky from Fresh from the Cauldron which is a bright purple and red with black and gray. We were talking about what should be the contrast color and I was insisting that it had to be the black because the other 2 colors were so bright.

One thing that I found so far with the pattern is that I have alot of yarn and the shawl still seems pretty small; what I plan to do is double the stitches for the increases from 28 to 56, so that way it can be nice and big.

Working on the sleeves of the February Lady Sweater. After doing two repeats of the gull lace, I began to gradually decrease those extra 7 stitches that I cast on at the underarm to make the sleeves more fitted and less swingy. I am thinking of ripping out the bindoff of the body of the sweater and going back a bit because I think I knitted it a bit too long and it hangs right at the hip where I want it to be, but that is when it is unblocked. i really don't want it to get any longer so eventually be totally out of shape, so that will just take an hour or two to fix which isn't so bad.

What is very exciting about almost finishing the February Lady Sweater is that I finally was able to pick up my buttons from the post office. I ordered the English Script buttons from Howbeadyful on etsy, which are handmade fabric covered buttons. When I took them out of the package, they were WAY bigger than I had anticipated. I was concerned that they wouldn't fit through the button hole but they did! They are definitely "statement" buttons since they are a light color and pop against the dark blue of the sweater, but I like them.

I am planning my next sweater for once I also finish the Castle Pullover, which is where color cards came in.

I was planning on designing a cowl to submit to KnitScene, but unfortunately it didnt happen b/c i was so busy. I still have the idea in my head, but its on the mental shelf at the moment. I did get yarn for it from Quince and Co - I purchased Lark in twig and storm and also ordered the color card for the company. When I got the skeins, I knew I wanted to knit the sample of the cowl in twig, but wished it was really in chanterelle b/c its a wee bit lighter, and would show the cables more.

The colors were a bit off on my screen, but this is why i was really glad i got the color cards. I also ordered the color cards from Beaverslide Dry Goods - who I have had my eye on since I became a knitter bc Brooklyn Tweed was one of the first knitting blogs I read back when I was in Japan and he kept mentioning them alot "back in the day" around 2007.

I wanted to get the yarn for the melrose peacoat, but was having a hard time getting the right shade of green. I ordered the 3-ply McGill Meadows from Beaverslide, but when I received it, it was too bright of a green to go with the buttons. However, I ordered the color cards as well and thankfully, there was a shade of green just above it: Marsh Sedge. I never thought about it, but I put the button next to it and it WORKED.

Stashers Anonymous
The beaverslide dry goods yarn wasnt the only thing I purchased as of late. One the knitters in Ravelry posted a picture of Wollemeise Klappersnatch and Bluebell in one of the threads, and I just went gaga over Bluebell.

The other something was the Pick Your Poison club by Apothecary Yarns. Pick Your Poison is inspired by herbs that are poisonous and others as well - there are colorways called hemlock, wolfsbane, and ones called cyanide and strychnine. They are all on the superwash merino sock base, and you have great options: either one skein for $23 or two or more for $20.

In addition, you can buy the whole set of 9 colorways for $160. You can also mix and match and get things like 2 of one color, 1 of another, etc.  In addition each "concoction" of 2 or more skeins comes with 3 stitch markers from Velvet H ippo. Signups end October 1, so if you are interested, check it out.

Two things two review today: Shades of Green pattern e-book and Wendy Knits Lace by Wendy D. Johnson. First, a thanks to Erica Jacksofsky of Fiddle Knits Designs who graciously let me join in on the fun for the podcast tour of Shades of Green, and to Potter Craft for sending Wendy Knits Lace for review.

Shades of Green is a collection of various types of patterns utilizing various types of yarn weights ranging from sport to bulky. All of the patterns are knitted in a shade of green, hence the title of the book. There are various types of patterns spanning all different categories: shawls, sweaters, babies, socks, etc. There are patterns for cup and cellphone cozies and even for men as well.

The whole collection retails for $18 in PDF format and $20 in print (with a digital copy included). If you purchased the patterns individually (which you can do if you only like 1 or two of the patterns from Fiddle Knits or Ravelry) all together they would be $40.

However, if you want a chance at winning your own PDF copy of Shades of Green, leave a comment below on the blog stating which pattern would you want to knit. The deadline for posting your comment is October 9, 2011 at 10:00pm EST.

Now onto Wendy Knits Lace. What really caught my eye was the cover. More importantly, the shirt that the model was wearing - love it! And love how it works with the lace scarf. There is great styling done throughout the book and overall, it serves as a great reference and pattern book. It retails for $22.99 USD.

After the first day of school, I was exhausted. Still, I went to the talk by Anna Hrachovec at Lion Brand Yarn Studio. Lots of fun and it was nice to see her again. Check out the slideshow of the pics here. I took tons of pictures of all the cute mochis at the event:

It is now confirmed: I purchased the tickets to Rhinebeck. Hopefully there will be a meetup with Kristen of Yarngasm and the Savvy Girls.

Knit the Queue Along: QAL
So finally am getting around to posting the guidelines and prizes for the QAL!

1. There are two threads: the QAL Chat thread and the QAL FOs thread. The latter is no chat because your post number is the entry number for the RNG.

2. The project that you submit to the QAL FOs thread must have a queue date. This can be found on your project page on the lower right hand corner of the page, it will say, "Originally Queued: Date Goes Here." To be fair, since I haven't posted anything about the QAL on Ravelry and am doing it now and the idea of the QAL is to knit off the queue, not add more to it, there is a deadline for projects that can be added to the queue, while will be October 1. If you submit a project that has an "Originally Queued" date after October 1, it will not count for the QAL.

3. WIPs are not allowed. Again, the idea is to knit off the queue and generally speaking, if you click the "Cast On" button from the queue page, it will be a new project.  Everyone who has posted an FO so far has a project start date after September 1, so that would be the cutoff date. If you did start something off the queue after September 1, you are fine.

4. You can submit as many FOs as you like (explain how someone suggested a system where people who knit sweaters can get more points but for the first go round, I want to keep it simple. However I would love to implement a chart/points system which is very teacher-ish, explain 25 book campaign and october sky for things like hats, sweaters, etc in terms of the effort and time put in). 

5. The end date for QAL Round 1 (because I want to make this an ongoing QAL, but this will be the end date in terms of drawing for prizes) is December 31. Get your Christmas knitting off the queue too!

6. Have fun! The guidelines are meant to make it fair. This is the first round, so for now I want to keep it simple but I am open to suggestions and will make adaptations and such as necessary.

1. 3 copies of the Terpsichore pattern by Kara Hoover
2. Skein of yarn (base TBD) in the colorway our choice from a selection by Apothecary Yarns
3. Stitch markers from Velvet Hippo
4. Skein of yarn and corresponding pattern from Creatively Dyed

For a total of 6 prizes thus far. If I have spoken to someone about prizes specifically for this round of the QAL (as I would love to give out more prizes for Round 2 and so on) please contact me, or if you are interested in donating, let me know.

Thanks for listening!

Closing Song: "The Cave" by Mumford & Sons from Sigh No More
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