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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Episode 22: A Knitter Grows in Brooklyn

Off the Needles
We finally have an FO! Two of them actually, since I haven't really talked in much detail about the February Lady Sweater.
Another FO that I have is the Bramble Beret. It was such a slog to finish that thing because I made the mistake of knitting DK yarn with size 8 needles - never again.

On the Needles
I decided to knit through a PD (professional development) meeting that I had on the Saturday of the freak snowstorm that we had on October 30 - I brought the Dionysus socks and almost got done with the first sock.

I cast on for 2 projects even though I said to myself that I will not do so unless I finish all the projects in my PhD bin. In my defense, 1 project is due to necessity and another is a test knit. The necessity project is Bella Mitts from THAT movie and before anyone asks, no it's not because Breaking Dawn is coming out in theatres next week.

The test knit is actually a test knit of yarn - Roman Hills 4 ply worsted weight yarn which is called Gruber in Toasted Marshmallow. Its very wooly in feel but knitting up in the Snapdragon Tam pattern very nicely.

Knitting Travels
Last Sunday, I headed on over to Brooklyn General for a twitter knitter meetup: Kristin from Yarngasm as well as stitchmistress, knittingknoobie and riaknits were all tweeting about a meetup and lo and behold it happened! It did make me realize something - until I became a serious knitter, I never really went into Brooklyn, especially the northwest part. I only went into Bay Ridge for the in-laws and even then never really left.
Another knitting travel comes from my dad, who went to Greece for the first time since 1998 for three weeks. I sent him on a yarn mission in Thessaloniki to Noulikas, located at Vasileos Irakleiou 15, where he picked up some Maxi-Maxi from Mallia Molokotou which is a 100% wool yarn made in Greece. He even tried looking for yarn from his hometown but said via a phone call to my mom that it wasn't that great.

Knitting Finds
Kristin from the Yarngasm podcast has started up a new knitting blog called Knitnook and I had the honor of being the first interviewee! She focuses on new knitting patterns and etsy finds as well as interviews and I had alot of fun anwering the questions.

Another knitting find is Kate Davies' website and online knitting magazine, Textisles

Thanks to the people at Potter Craft, I have The Knitter's Book of Socks by Clara Parkes of Knitter's Review to review this week for you. It retails for $30 USA and $34 in Canada.
 We also have a look at Jane Austen Knits, which I picked up at the twitter knitter meetup at Brooklyn General.
Closing song: You and Me by Zee Avi
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