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Saturday, July 19, 2014

DIY: Patriotic Cupcake Toppers

On Memorial Day, I co-hosted with my parents and Little Sister our second annual "Friends and Family BBQ." What started as a way to BBQ for my and my sister's friends, with my parents graciously hosting, as they love these things and they like our friends, turned into a huge extravaganza with their friends, and my in-laws for a total of about 50 people. 

Our leftovers had leftovers. I still have leftovers from the cupcakes I made this weekend, which is the focus of this post's DIY. 

If you have been reading the blog long enough, you know that I am not the best of cooks. That is The Aussie's purview. I recently got into the America's Test Kitchen cookbook series (thank you, Jasmin) and decided I wanted to make cupcakes.

From scratch. With homemade vanilla frosting. It cannot get any more classic than chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting on a warm summer day. 

Still, I wanted to jazz things up a bit and decided to make my own cupcake toppers. It takes a bit of patience and nimble fingers, but it turned out really nice! 

Here is what you need (I purchased everything from Michael's): 

~1 hole punch in the shape of your choice (I got a star shaped one)
~1 piece of cardstock in the color of your choice (I purchased red, navy and gold polkadot   brown paper for some variety).
~Toothpicks (the number depends on how many cupcakes you want to make, I used 24)
~Glue stick.

And this is how to do it: 
Use your hole punch to punch out DOUBLE the number of shapes you need. I made 24 cupcakes, so I needed 48 stars. Since I am the type to want everything in even groups, that meant 16 stars in each of my colors for 8 cupcakes in red, blue and gold dot respectively. 
Using the glue stick, place glue on one side of the star and center your toothpick. 
Place glue on the other shape and put on top of first shape and toothpick. Pinch the sides around the toothpick; what I did was I used two more on either side and pressed down, then flipped the topper over and did it again to make it even. Use your fingers to center the shapes on top of one another as needed. 

Enjoy your cupcake toppers! I definitely plan to do this again (Christmas themed stars, anyone?) and love that it was quick and easy. Once I got into a rhythm, it took less than one episode of The Tonight Show to finish them all off.  

How would you use the star toppers and for what holiday? 
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Birthday at MP Taverna

Last weekend was my grandmother's cousin's birthday. Her family celebrated 90 years of spontaneity, energy and joy at MP Taverna, located in Astoria.
I have been to MP Taverna twice - once for dinner in Astoria, and at the Roslyn location in Long Island for a bridal shower before the Astoria location opened. The food is amazing - the owner, Michael Psilakis, creates a modern interpretation of classic Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.
Two words: lamb risotto. Their in house cake while simply decorated, was delicious and light. The service was amazing and on-point.
The atmosphere was intimate and lively, and the wine and sangria kept flowing. The only thing that was missing amongst the Restoration Hardware-esque decor was a view of the Aegean Sea. 
Outfit Details:
Shoes: Land's End Canvas (no longer available) | Dress &Belt: J.Crew Factory
Bangles: Kate Spade (similar) & Lia Sophia Lipstick: Sephora Collection "It Girl"

If you are following me on Instagram, you know that May is a really busy month! There is at least one thing going on every weekend until mid-June, which thanks to the weather is even more enjoyable. How is your Spring shaping up?
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting Over My Misgivings

While The Aussie and I were in South Carolina over Spring Break, his mom informed us that we would be getting family portraits done.

I have to be honest here - I inwardly cringed. And outwardly expressed my misgivings to The Aussie.

Barring school photos, senior pictures and my wedding photos (which sadly, were a disaster) I have never sat for family portraits. You know, the type done in a studio with a backdrop that is in a mall.

I am not that big on having my photo taken because I feel really awkward. I mean I don't mind when its at birthdays, major get togethers and the holidays but while I desperately wanted something a la engagement photos that you see all the time on Pinterest (The Aussie and I never had a chance to get them done), I was afraid they would end up ridiculous.

The photo shoot was fun, if a bit awkward. I talked with the photographer and when she mentioned that she was on Pinterest all the time, I felt a bit better - you try pretending to be lovey dovey in front of your inlaws. We were on the grounds of a historic house in Abbeville and while I still felt a bit silly trying to be all candid, there were some that turned out nice.
I have to admit, I feel really bad for Adele. She had to get shaved because she had so many knots, and isn't her usual fluffy self. Maybe that's why she looked all growly in the last photo.

I think these will be the three that we print out and frame. I told The Aussie we will print out one whole family one (which for privacy purposes, I didn't put here) to replace the only family portrait which was done in the early 1990s, way before we met. Time for an update.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Episode 38: I Finally Did It

Subway Knits is sponsored by Roman Hills: Pretty Nerdy, Pretty, Nerdy Yarn. Please show support by clicking on the link above.

Subway Knits is also sponsored by Gynx Yarns, home to beautiful colorways hand dyed on organic merino bases. Please show your support for by clicking on the link above. 

On the Needles 

Botanical Garden Shawl - did alot of knitting in the car and finished the body! I have not finished the body of a shawl in MONTHS. Wrist is doing better because of constant vigilance as per Mad Eye Moody - immobilizer at night and during the day when i am not knitting and when I do, back to the support brace.
Spin Right Round

I have ordered my Lendrum! It is coming from California because in the end I decided upon the Lendrum DT Original.

I am participating in Felicia Lo's Spinning Dyed Fibers blog tour, which is an online class on Craftsy. Check back on August 22, my stop on the tour for my post!

Knitting Finds
Source: NY Times, The Metropolitan Diary

Satsuma Stripes by Sharon Matarazzo

Amethiste by Robin Ulrich - check out the discount code.

Cookie A Volume 1: Shapes + Form

Knitting Travels

As per usual, every time I go to Florida, I go to Disney. This time, The Aussie was with me and even though I was in Epcot the same time as Shari/Stitchmistress of the TV Knitting podcast, my phone died so our paths didn't cross.
I need to give a big thanks to my dad who drove me to the Tampa yarn shops; my aunt lives pretty far so it was a bit of a trek. The first one I went to was Uncommon Threads in Palm Harbor, second was Knit n' Knibble in Tampa.

Greenville's Wool Over Your Eyes was the best - it wasn't there when I was in SC the last time (I went to The Needle Tree, which was outside downtown Greenville) and just as we were walking in, someone was delivering an antique spinning wheel for the shop and assembling it.

Lastly, I made a bit of a discovery - my grandmother has owned this sewing machine for over 25 years. Turns out, it is a Singer machine from 1947. It is in perfect condition.

Ravellenics - got off to a good start in first week but in the second week what with the trip down to flordia, lost a bit of the sweater mojo. I watched ALOT of the Olympics via the BBC and loved the opening ceremony, it had alot of heart and whimsy and showed that it didnt need to be flashy.

The winner of The Market Vegan cookbook giveaway is Sue! Please contact me via email or Ravelry.

Don't forget - we have two coupon codes going:
1. SuperKnits: 10% off with the code subway
2. Gynx Yarns: 10% off with the code subwayknits

Finally, go check out the Shinybees Podcast! It's new, but Jo is off to a great start.

Thanks for listening!
Closing Song: "Feel the Same Way" by Poema via Noise Trade

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On the Road Again

My two week holiday in Florida is about to come to a close - it was a lot of fun, relaxing and a bit stressful (it IS a family vacation, complete with adult child and parents). The Aussie and Adele arrived a week later and among other things, spent time at Disney and around Tampa and Orlando. I also visited two yarn shops - more details in the next episode.


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