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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Episode 37: (Almost) Done!

Right now, I totally relate to how Lizzie Bennett feels at the beginning of this episode of her vlog:

 Done! Well, almost. I still have another year left of school, and then I will be truly done.

But now, I am in Florida and two of my friends in my knitting group on Ravelry just moved to NYC so there is even more to celebrate. Speaking of celebrating...

I am very pleased to announce the first sponsors for the Subway Knits Podcast!

Subway Knits is sponsored by Roman Hills: Pretty Nerdy, Pretty, Nerdy Yarn. Please show support by clicking on the link above.

Subway Knits is also sponsored by Gynx Yarns, home to beautiful colorways hand dyed on organic merino bases. Please show your support for by clicking on the link above. 

On the Needles
I have picked up the Pickadilly. In a way it was great that it did go into hibernation because while my bust measurement is 40" I know based on my experience wth cardigans that it will not close all the way or experience strain on the button placket. So I am knitting a 42" - bit more work but I know it will fit.

Knitting Trainwrecks 
Pickadilly got too big because I had miscounted and had to rip back. This sweater is going to be the death of me.

Knitting Finds
Cookie A posted a tutorial on her blog showing a way to repair socks without a darning egg. While I am in possession of a darning egg, I got it more for the form as opposed to the function.

On the question of how one stores their stash...Apartment Therapy has an article on the various ways to do it. How do you store your stash?

Laura Gesin of the Apocalyptic Diner published an e-cookbook called The Market Vegan.

Knitting Travels
My family and the bird made it to Florida in one go and in one piece. But the bird barely talked on the trip! I finally got some audio of him, and hopefully I'll get a full rendition of "La Cucaracha." On the way down, I worked on the Botanical Shawl.

I have picked up The Aussie's camera and read some tutorials about how to use a DSLR and now want to start a knitting and photography segment. Here's the thing: I need a segment title! Enter a proposed title in the comments below for a chance to win a copy of The Market Vegan.

Don't forget! Gynx Yarns is offering 10% off to Subway Knits listeners with the code subwayknits until September 5. 

Thanks for listening!
Closing Song: "Feel the Same Way" by Poema via Noise Trade

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Episode 7: Escape to Splash Mountain

Hooray! Semester is OVER! Going to celebrate by hightailing it down to Florida where my yiayia ("Grandmother" in Greek), Aunt and Uncle live with trips to Harry Potter World and Disney.

Off the Needles:

The sock monkey is complete, delivered and named to boot - my coworker insisted on it having an "old fashioned" Greek name and my mind drew a blank. I called my sister who after chastising me for not being able to come up with a proper old-school Greek name suggested Zorba. So now we have Zorba the sock monkey.

On the Needles: 

Still cranking away on the Pickadilly; casted on Orchids and Fairy Lights in Creatively Dyed Woodbrook in Forest. Love. Cabling without a cable needle is really fast, and Grumperina has a really great tutorial on it. 

Stashers Anonymous:

My friend Sarah (of the Pickadilly Skype date) told me a story while we were watching USA Sevens Rugby with an interesting lesson: honestly, don't just buy yarn for the sake of it. There is a larger issue here which will probably be discussed in a future episode, but for now, the idea is something may come up which requires you to not used yarn funds - she had a family of baby squirrels in her dryer and paid a hefty amount to get rid of them humanely (because Austin is awesome like that). She told me that she was really glad that she didn't get any yarn in recent Loopy Ewe and Fresh from the Cauldron updates.

As for me I caved - but with good reason; I recently got into a competitive program for teaching in NYC schools and I deserved a reward for going through a difficult application and a 4 hour interview.

Jen from Fresh from the Cauldron opened up custom requests for her new Mythos series under the "Armful" option:  maximum 5 skeins in any combination of colors, which are on set bases. I shared 1 spot with a friend and placed an order for 2 skeins of Artemis, 1 of Poseidon and 1 of Athena. I also knew that this was coming and (somewhat) budgeted for it, lest something along the lines of the NYC version of squirrels in the dryer happen to me.

The Armful option is closed, but Jen will open it up in the future after the summer and there is also the Sampler option for the summer which is each skein in the series.

Knitting Travels:

TSA Website: you can bring knitting needles! I plan to print this out and carry it with me. Traveling into the US from overseas is usually the problem; here are some tips that helped me with the knitting needles issue when I traveled to Italy via Ireland last summer - Mel and I had a connecting flight in Dublin and we needed to go through security again and in the EU the rules are a little more strict.

1. I had a pair of socks with me on DPNs - before I went through security, I took the DPNs out, put them on scrap yarn and stuck point protectors on one end of the needle to make it look like a pencil with an eraser. 

2. I placed said DPNs in a pencil case that also carried my make-up brushes and a few pens for good measure.

3. A friend suggested I stick the pencilcase along the side of the bag, not just chucked in. 

This definitely worked - of course it does depend on the security agent at each of the checkpoints, but when I went through Italian and Irish security, I had no problem. 

I have also heard the opposite of what I did - having a project on the needles helps if there are any problems with security. Since I am going to bring a pair of socks and two hats with me, I am going to try both as I am only going to have carry-on luggage. 

Most important thing though - never use fancy interchangeables. And if anything, carry a self-addressed stamped envelope in case things get very messy. When I went to Italy, I had a spare set of DPNs in my suitcase. 

My sister and I going to be in Tampa and Orlando, which means being in a car. And for me that means motion sickness. I've heard alot about the Sea-Bands or BioBands
and was able to pick up the Sea Bands and Anti-Nausea Ginger gum from my local CVS - together with my new prescription sunglasses for distance, we shall see how knitting in the car goes.  

Speaking of getting knitting through security and knitting in cars, I will be bringing Orchids and Fairy Lights, Hermione's Everyday Socks (adjusted to child size for my godbrother) - perfect for knitting on lines at Disney and at Harry Potter World since it's auto-pilot, but not boring and Red Light Special for nights when I hang in my yiayia's tv room watching Greek soap operas.


There will be no show next week as I will be riding copius amounts of rollercoasters, drinking Butterbeer, and prevent my sister from jumping on Winnie the Pooh. (^_~).

Closing Song: "Island in the Sun" by Weezer from The Green Album

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