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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Early Morning Walk

Well, not that early. But early enough for a Sunday.
Snow cleared away, but still sniffing for the white fluffy stuff. 
It may be the concrete jungle but we still have some greenery,
and the issues that come with it. 
A mini snow oasis amidst all the brick and concrete. 
And I finally have a finished object. Love squishy cables. 

Happy Sunday. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Episode 27: The Hardest Things to Find are Under Your Nose

Off the Needles
Abstract Leaves Cowl in School Products Handyed Cashmere. This was the cowl that I knit for my knitting groups spoilee. 

Saartje's Booties for 2 teachers at work, and they were a big hit! I had to sew on the button during one of my preps but it is technically teacher related work. I snuck into the classroom where the shower was held and put them on top of the wrapped gifts since I didn't have time to wrap them myself.

On the Needles
Larch Cardigan, which is becoming sooooo boring and slow right now, but trying to get through the first 4 inches of stockinett
Herringbone Cowl out of School Products Donegal Cashmere tweed.
Picked up my Habitat again and it was a welcome distraction from the dullness of the Larch and the Herringbone (and the minor pain and strain that the Herringbone Cowl was causing).

I FOUND MY KNITTING, which was the lost Summer Flies shawl. It was in a tote bag that I use to carry my detergent and bleach to the laundromat - I haven't had bleach in awhile, so I  was just putting the detergent bottle in my laundry basket. Sometimes if Ravelry isn't so distracting I knit while I wait for the clothes to wash.

Stashers Anonymous 
I caved. Two skeins of handspun shetland from On the Round, and a skein of Three Irish Girls' Salmon colorway (part of her yarn shop series). I blame the fact that the latter was knit up in a sample, so I could see how it looked when knitted as opposed to just seeing the color only in the skein. But I found out that a trip to Greece and Turkey is very likely in the cards this summer, so there won't be any knitting related purchases for a good while.

Knitting Finds
The Prime Minister of Australia knits - I bet like most of us she always finds a bit of time here and there. 
Two-thirds of teenagers knit! Back in 1961, however. 
Gemma of the lovely Superknits yarn company released an organic aran weight yarn called  Catherine of Aran-gon.
Give your knitting a history and voice over at Knit Expo.
Knitting Narwhal Stationery from Nut and Bee!!!
 Downton Abbey Trading cards - perhaps a cute swag item for the upcoming Downton Abbey swap that Sharon over at TVKnitting are planning to co-host. Take a look at the Valentine's too!

Swatch and Learn
I started a lunchtime knitting club at my school. Right now its 9 girls and we will break into one group of 4 and another of 5 and meet on alternate weeks. By May I hope to merge them together since this is the first time that I am teaching 13 year olds how to knit.

Lion Brand Yarn Studio generously donated needles and skeins of yarn to help me get started. I culled some yarn from my stash and my friend Theresa also donated. I am still in need of needles of various sizes especially 16" circulars since the girls expressed an interest in knitting hats and I beleive a hat is a great beginner project because you can teach multiple skills and not have the person bored and thus encourage them to knit more.

If anyone would like to donate or is interested, please email me or send me a PM through Ravelry. It is my goal to turn this into an after school program so any help is greatly appreciated.

The other knitting related item connected to school is actually for grad school. A long term project for my class this semester is for us to go through the writing process themselves - we can write ANYTHING we want. Clearly my mind went to knitting; I am going to try to write a small piece about some part of the history of the world, through sheep. It's alot harder than it looks.

Jessica of Knitting Brooklyn is starting up a Remembering Remy preemie hat KAL. More information can be found at Our Little Remy and Knitting Brooklyn.

Subway Knits has been featured in The Knitter Magazine Issue 42 along with other amazing podcasts.
I feel honored and humbled to be considered and included in such good company.  Thanks to AuntiAipee of Knit. Spin.Cake (a lovely podcast) for providing the photos!

Thanks for listening!
Closing Song: Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars
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