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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Appreciating Handspun

Part of me learning how to use the dSLR involved me taking some better photos of my handspun.

Still need to do a little more work in terms of lighting and focus, but these photos make me appreciate the loveliness of handspun even more.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tour de Fleece: The Maillot Jaune

I have finally completed my first ever Tour de Fleece!
Into the Whirled Romney, Colorway Ritual
80 yards, ranging between worsted and heavy fingering but for the most part a DK weight.

Some things I learned from spinning up this fiber:

1. I need a longer niddy noddy - maybe a two yard one. I got my one yard one off of eBay so I will go into my shopping history and see if that seller has a longer one.
2. I really can't tell if I spun this worsted or woolen - I think because I spin with the fiber in my left hand and drafting with my right its a bit wonky.
3. So is my spinning - people say to spin clockwise, but I spun counterclockwise since I hold the spindle in my right hand.
4. I need to get a spinning wheel. 

I keep telling The Aussie to take photos of the fiber but he hasn't done so yet (and I still have yet to read the manual - maybe some reading during the drive down to Florida?) so this will have to do. Will put up more pictures when I get them.

Having done the Tour de Fleece two years in a row as a knitter with stops and starts and not finishing the projects, I am really happy that I finished. Now, what do I do with this yarn? Any suggestions?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Episode 36: Take Me Out to the Ballgame

On the Needles
Yay! Working on something OTHER than the Larch Cardigan and working on my wips! Working on the Darjeeling Socks and Summer Flies. The swap I received the Dream In Color Smooshy in Blue Lagoon was the Knitter's Treasure Swap.
Knitting Trainwrecks
On Tuesday, I came home from class ready to knit on the Summer Flies, but discovered that since I left out my knitting, Adele chewed on my KA Switch Interchangeables. The horror!

Just as I was about to sic my Signatures on The Aussie because he told Adele "Good girl," I found an eBay seller called Pinkfeather Knitting that had replacements and extra cords and sizes to boot. She also has a website.

Spin Right Round
FINISHED! Woo!!! I ended up with 80yds, 3ply, about a DK weight yarn from Into the Whirl's Romney fiber in Ritual (page 5, sixth photo). Definitely doing a 2 ply next time since I will get more yardage. 

Knitting Finds
How It's Made Season 7 Episode 10: Weaving Looms
Blue Room Pottery: beautiful yarn bowls! This one is my favorite:
Image Copyright Blue Room Pottery
Swan's Island is a company based in Maine that makes 100% organic merino and alpaca blend yarn dyed with natural dyes. Beautifully made.
Image Copyright Swan's Island
The Shetland Trader has a 20% sale going on. 

Knitting Travels
The Aussie, Adele and I went out to Central Park on Saturday because after four horrible heatwaves and a chilly and rainy Friday, it was perfect summer weather. The great thing about Central Park is that you can go there so many times and still find something new and not really go over the same thing twice. I knitted on my Darjeeling socks for a bit, and later, we went to Knitty City where I picked up Jamieson and Smith Spindthrift in Sandalwood, Peacock and Willow.
In spite of the unseasonably cold weather, The Aussie and I still went to the Brooklyn Fiber Arts Guild's annual Stitch and Pitch.

Ravellenics/Rave-what'sits - you get the drift. Team Sasquatch. Cast-on/dig out those beleaguered WIPs July 27. Check your local TV station for broadcast times, but, one can always cast on during GMT and in essence gain MORE time since London is technically 5 hours in the future from NYC. 

Thanks for listening!
Closing Song: "Feel the Same Way" by Poema via Noise Trade

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Episode 35: The Do-Over

On the Needles:
Mel and I headed back to Turks and Caicos this past week, for a much needed re-do of our vacation from last summer (in which we got hit by Hurricane Irene). I worked on the Rock Island on the beach, using metal Hiya Hiya needles which were much better for knitting on a hot day since my hands didn't stick.

Not so much knitting since there was a lot of reading: I finished  The Emperor of All Maladies, The Paris Wife, The Winter Palace and currently working on The Knife of Never Letting Go which is for the A Playful Day Read-Along.

Spin Right Round:
Working on my Into the Whirled Ritual, which is a Romney braid. Getting better at drafting and no wrist pain! Taking breaks, stretches, Icy Hot is helping a lot as is figuring out how to position my drafting hand (my left hand) such that I don't have a claw hand and that my fingers don't tense.

Knitting Finds:
Leftie by Martina Behm (of Hitchhiker fame)
Maxwell Cardigan by Amy Christoffers - edgy and classic
Classic Wooly Toppers by Wooly Wormhead 
Baah Yarn - currently based in Southern California and slowly expanding. Credit given to Lisa, who informed me about this yarn, love the color.

Knitting Travels:
Great eats: Mango Reef (best Conch Fritters), da Conch Shack, Coco Bistro, Somewhere Cafe, Hemingway's
Earrings by Sheila Ludington (based at Paradise Arts owned by Brenda Ludington). Also check out Anna's Art Gallery.
Toured the reef and Iguana Cay with Island Vibes Tours.

Closing Song: "Feel the Same Way" by Poema via Noise Trade

PS. Photos of our trip to come soon!
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