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Saturday, February 1, 2014

In the Conductor's Booth: An Interview with Martina Behm

In what appears to be a series-within-a-series, this year's Vogue Knitting LIVE! brought Martina Behm of Hitchhiker fame to New York City. We had a wonderful chat at Knitty City before her talk and trunk show.
Hanging out at the knit table in the back of Knitty City. I am wearing Hitchhiker, and
Martina is wearing Matchmaker, her new pattern. 
Original Hitchhiker. A lot of Martina's patterns are designed to avoid purling,
especially her larger stoles and shawls. 
Talking about Lefty. 
All of the original samples. New York Spark is the pink and navy hat at the top of the pile. 
After her talk and trunk show, Martina had a little bit of a surprise: she brought several skeins of Wollmeise Pure (100% Merino fingering weight) from Germany! One of the colors was actually the color used in the original Hitchhiker. We threw our names in a hat and I thought I would not win. 

In fact, I was the first winner! I had a hard time picking since I had a choice of the 5 colors, but I ended up with Die Auster which is a lovely teal and pale green with a bit of cream: 
I never took German so I asked Martina what "Die Auster" meant - "The Oyster." Love. 
This is my first ever skein of Wollmeise, and I am definitely knitting it up into one of Martina's patterns. Check out the poll in the Ravelry group to help me decide!

Special thanks to Pearl at Knitty City for hosting, and Martina for taking the time to chat!

Thanks for listening!
Closing Song: "Feel the Same Way" by Poema

Listen here, and subscribe here and here.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Beyond the Mic: Knitting, Social Media and the Podcast

Last month, I was invited by Knitty City to host a small talk about podcasting and knitting. 
That's me! It was still really surreal. 
The crowd was small, but a lot of fun; it was more of a discussion as opposed to a talk, which I think was facilitated by the fact that it was a small group of people. However, I was still nervous because this was the first time I ever talked about the show, and I didn't want to self-aggrandize (GRE word for the win!)
The talk first started with a little bit of background about me,
how I started to knit, and what influenced me to start the show. 
Adele came along for the ride since she has become a mascot of the show, and it was fun seeing her interact with other people.
Adele clearly was the star, especially
since she made an appearance. 
In addition to talking about various segments of the show and the In the Conductor's Booth series, I also discussed some of my thoughts about why podcasts are so popular amongst knitters. I made this nifty little graphic to visualize why podcasts are important for us these days, especially with so many connections to social media. 
Before Ravelry, there were and still are tons of knitting blogs on the net, but I think podcasting is a bit different because you have that audio/visual interaction, including vidcasts. This is where the teacher side of me where people can sometimes process things either aurally or visually (and why I made the graphic above).

We see things and hear things before we learn how to read so it might even be connected to that as well; also I usually skim through blogs but with a podcast you can listen or see and have that interaction, even though it is at first a one sided conversation. 

However, I think in the past couple of years when knitting podcasts really took off, the episode functions at the center of a social media web – you listen, but then continue the conversation and even respond directly back to the podcaster through various social media formats – when I listen to an episode of a podcast, I end up opening my twitter account and responding back to the podcaster as I listen in real time and continue the conversation there. 

People can choose how they want to interact which is why there are so many different ways and in a way is another forum for us to talk about knitting and the history, issues and lessons that come with it.
Keep Calm and Carry Yarn totes are now at Knitty City -
I have the navy one and it's definitely going to be
my fiber festival tote bag. 
I really had a great time at Knitty City and Pearl and Sooze were wonderful to work with - wanted to say thanks for taking photos, since in my nervousness and excitement I totally forgot to do so.

My dream would be to host a lecture/panel of podcasters at Vogue Knitting LIVE! one year and take the conversation about podcasting further;  this was the first time that I ever thought seriously about podcasting, and it was a good springboard to think about it and reflect on why I love doing the show.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This past Saturday, myself, Lisa, Kristin, Shannon and Kim got together and had an amazing brunch on a rooftop deck in Brooklyn. It being World Wide Knit in Public Day/Week, Kristin created the hashtag #kipbrunchbklyn to document our fun on Instagram. 

Normally when it comes to social events I keep telling myself to bring my camera since I am getting better at taking photos. I end up leaving it at home, so want to say thanks to the aforementioned ladies for letting me post their Instagram photos here. 

Let's just say, knitters definitely know how to do summer brunch. 
On the menu: Challah French Toast Casserole, Quiche with peppers, cheese and turkey bacon,  dates wrapped in prosciutto and stuffed with cheese, sprinkled with sea salt, Salad with fruit and gorgonzola and a raspberry vinaigrette, cheese, and meat.
It is not brunch unless there is prosecco!
Kim and I utterly absorbed in something. 
Mmm...lychee. I plopped this one in my prosecco
and blood orange lemonade cocktail. 
 What brunch with knitters would it be without some knitting? Kim got a great shot of everyone's project (sans me, I was too hot to knit).

After that, Shannon and I met up with Ashley and Dana for World Wide Knit in Public day hosted by Knitty City held at Bryant Park! 

Pearl was nice enough to set aside a table for the "Subway Knitters" (thank you!) so we we able to sit, relax and enjoy the leafy shade. We even saw a bride take photos in front of the Bryant Park Grill, one of the restaurants in the park.
Happy WWKIP Day!
Knitting in Bryant Park was lovely, and seeing the lawn set for the weekly summer film series reminded me of the fun things to do NYC has to offer in the summer. Knitty City is also offering (free!) knitting classes in Bryant park to start with, and you bet you'll catch me at one of the film fests at one of the parks this summer. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Vogue Knitting LIVE! NYC 2013 Recap Part 1: The Marketplace

I am back from a 3-day whirlwind of fun and fiber from the Marriot Marquis in Times Square, which hosted the third Vogue Knitting LIVE! in New York City. This year marked a change in venue, which was one of the common topics of conversation: everyone that I spoke with who was at VKL 2012 in New York commented how the new venue was so much better. 
As I was riding up the escalator towards the Marketplace preview Friday night,
I couldn't contain my excitement and anticipation.
The change in venue helped for two important reasons, the first being the lighting. Last year, I struggled to take decent photos (albeit with a point and shoot that did have manual features; this year I am with a DSLR and external flash, which I am still learning to use, but was great to play with and experiment this weekend). 

As such, the lighting in the Marriot Marquis was brighter and helped contribute to a general sense of elation and excitement. While speaking with Della of DellaQ about how this year compared to last year, she stated that there was a better vibe and sense of excitement this year. 
DellaQ's newest Interchangeable Needle Case set -
the slots are labeled for easy reference and use.
The second reason is even though the Marketplace was on two floors this year, the vendors did not disappoint. The marketplace was bigger and provided more variety for the discerning fiber artists and aficionados, with vendors offering the latest knitting and crochet tools to the newest needle organizers, project bags and fiber blends. 

Moreover, the Marketplace had a sense of order and theme: while on the 6th floor there were major yarn companies and yarn shops, the 5th floor was a showcase for the newest, best and brightest (in terms of color) indie dyers; several of my favorites included The Plucky Knitter, Jill Draper Makes Stuff and Dragonfly Fibers
The fun and friendly dyers behind The Plucky Knitter. 
This cowl is definitely going in my queue. 
For this solids loving girl, The Plucky Knitter was one of the many happy places in the Marketplace. 
Jill Draper showcasing her newest
forthcoming design.
Amazing handdyed yarns from Jill Draper Makes Stuff. 
Three years later, and my Traveling Woman made in their Djinni Sock still looks brand new. 
Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock in Winter Woods. This will be the first skein
I will break my Cold Sheep vow with for sure! 
Latest publications from Cooperative Press
On the 5th Floor, I had a lot of fun popping in and watching the book signings at the Knitty City booth, catching up with Tabbethia Long Island Livestock Company, trying out the FixIt! stitch tool, talking about the new luxury yarns (Quiviut blends!!!) over at Bijou Basin Ranch and checking out the new iPad case from Yarn Pop. For those who have the Mini, Lori did mention that they are working on one for the future. I'm excited because the current iPad case is not just an iPad case, but is also a needle case, perfect for traveling! Can't wait to get my hands on one when they do come out with it. 
Pearl Chin, left and Nicki Epstein at one of the many book signings in the Knitty City Booth. 
The amazing all natural Shepheress body care line at LI Livestock. Their booth is my happy place. 
Tabbethia's Wedding Shawl knit out of LI Livestock Company Yarn. 
Demonstrating how the Fix-A-Stitch works. 
Arctic Dream Quiviut/Cashmere/Silk yarn from Bijou Basin Ranch. 
Adorable and useful project bags and tablet cases from YarnPop. 
In addition, Vogue Knitting LIVE! had more to offer than just a marketplace and classes; when I saw that the Relaxation lounge offered (free!) hand massages, I knew I couldn't pass it up. Working and racing to finish the Larch Cardigan (as part of #larchcardiganwatch2013) was unsuccessful, but reminded me that I needed to take break since my RSI flared up. There was also seated yoga in a quieter section of the hotel away from the marketplace on the floors where classes were held, giving attendees a space to relax and get away from the marketplace. 
The hand massage was just the thing I needed. 
Other features of the Marketplace included the requisite yarn tasting section where you could try out new yarns such as Zealana Air and test drive Knitter's Pride needles, and the art gallery featuring knitted food and the adorable mochis from Mochimochiland. Fashion shows from designers and companies such as Nicki Epstein and Koigu showcased their designs and there were free talks and demos such as how to wash your finished objects with Soak
Yarn tasting - not only can you try the yarn, but also check out
the Knitter's Pride Needles, too. I did get myself a set of size 4 DPNs.
The gorgeous yarn bowl is from The Knitting Dude
The softest yarn, ever. And it keeps you very warm - more so than cashmere alone. 
Tiny Project Big Heart - knit socks for Premies out of Zealana Air. 
Mochimochimochimochimochimochi, by Anna Hrachovec
Soak wash, yarn AND nail polish? Match made in heaven for me. 
Finally, if you were interested in learning how to knit or crochet, there was the Bernat Beginner Lounge with Vickie Howell, where she taught enthusiastic future fiber artists the basic tools they needed to get started and join in on the fun. 
Learn how to knit or crochet! Next year I will definitely learn to crochet here. 
Squishy yarn at the Bernat Beginner Lounge. 
At the Bernat Beginner's Lounge. 
And the whole Marketplace was fun. While I walked away with no yarn (I am cold sheeping this year), I did get some goodies which I will share in a future post - what can a knitter get if there is no yarn or fiber buying? Trust me, there is alot. 

The Marketplace was where you could meet with your favorite designer and get his or her latest book signed, and learn about the latest and the best yarns tools and accessories. It proved that it was more than a place to shop, but to learn, experiment, socialize and create. 

Stay tuned; the second part of my Vogue Knitting LIVE! Recap will premiere on Tuesday and there will be a podcast recap and special edition of In the Conductor's Booth by the end of this week. Who do you think I interviewed this year? Check out last year's Vogue Knitting LIVE! interviewee, Clara Parkes, here

If you attended Vogue Knitting LIVE! what was your experience like? Share your experiences (and swag!) in the comments below. 
See you next year! 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Vogue Knitting 30th Anniversary

This fall, Vogue Knitting is celebrating 30 years of publication, and had a talk and trunk show at Knitty City earlier this week.
The theme of the issue and for the main story is pearls since that is the traditional gift given at a 30th anniversary. There was even a special edition Pearl yarn by Zealana which is a blend of pearl and tencel.
Source: String Yarns
I missed out on that but got to check out the sample knit in the yarn which was very soft and drapey.

I left for Knitty City about an hour before I wanted to arrive but got there in a record 30 minutes.  Before the talk, we were commandeered for a special photo outside.
Knitty City is part of the Big Break for Small Business OPEN competition over on Facebook - there is still time to vote! Go over there now.

After that, the garments from the Vogue issue began to appear. The cover outfit was designed by Nicki Epstein, and it was quite something to see them in person.
Wedding Dress by Nicki Epstein on the left,
Pearl Bodice by Mari Lynn Patrick and Lace and Pearl Capelet by Shirley Paden on the right
In addition to the pearl themed garments, there were other garments and accessories from the other stories in the issue. Lisa and I loved the gloves and fingerless mitts on display.
Dark blue: Cabled Mittens by Lily Kate France
Light Blue: Wristers by Debbie Bliss
Sadly, I lost a photo that had me wearing the Cowl Neck Top by Nora Gaughn and my friend Ashley, wearing the Cap-Sleeve Cardi by Sarah Hatton - those were very nice patterns, and the orange in the sample cowl sweater went really well with my skin tone.

Before the trunk show, there was a slideshow showing all the patterns from the issue in detail, as well as a little bit of Vogue history which was really interesting. The trunk show was a lot of fun; I am going back to Knitty City tonight for the Malabrigo talk and tasting, so I plan get more photos of the garments on display.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Episode 17: Pattern Binge

On the Needles
Because I left my February Lady Sweater in my parent's car on Sunday, and there was a miscommunication between my dad and I about him coming by so I can get it back, I didn't get the sweater back until Wednesday night. I was still traumatized by the Snapdragon Tam and wasn't up for much else, so I decided to cast on for a pair of Dionysus Socks which is a free pattern, using Knitsch Fingering Weight yarn in the colorway Mansfield Revisited.

On Friday night, I cast on Norie from The Shetland Trader by Gudrun Johnston. Inspired by seeing the version by Rachel of the bmore crafty blog - join the Small Knits Knit-A-Long on twitter by using the hashtag #skkal.

Knitting Travels
My mom, sister and I went to Socrates Sculpture Park on Wednesday night to see Biutiful with Javier Bardem. It has an outdoor cinema - the most popular and well known cinema is at Bryant Park where there is the big race to grab a spot on the lawn, but there are other locations as well.

This is where I tried to knit in the dark for the first time; granted it wasn't pitch dark b/c of the film and general NYC light pollution but it was dark enough to try it out.

Hung out with Abby at Knitty City and after that we had lunch at this vegan cafe called Peacefood Cafe - first time at a vegan restaurant but the food was pretty good. As a result of eating there, am doing some research about sheep shearing and treatment of sheep. Sheep do need to be sheared, lest they look like Shrek, but the fleeces do get heavy and can cause them to overheat.

Knitting Finds
I did go to Knitty City with a mission - I needed some wooden circular needles to prepare for my trip to Turks and Caicos this Monday. I like wooden needles, though I do make exceptions for my signature DPNs and also, the ChiaoGoo metal lace needles that I picked up at MS&W. GreenTriangleGirl from A Playful Day podcast also talks about them as well in a recent episode. ChiaoGoo also has wooden circulars, made of Moso Bamboo.

Jared Flood recently came out with Wool People, a collection of patterns by various designers highlighting the Shelter line.

Interweave Knits and Knitscene Fall are out, but except for 1 or 2 patterns that I would wait for to be published individually, aren't really worth it.

Anyone up for a Fall-Winter Knit-A-Long? More specifically, a Knit the Queue-A-Long. We all have patterns clogging up our queue and I would like to start up a new KAL so that we can get those must-want-to-knit patterns off the queue and into the projects page. More details coming soon - for now, I would like to see who is interested.

Closing song: "The Summer Wind" by Madeleine Peyroux from Half the Perfect World

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Episode 11: Equal Opportunity Yarnies Unite!

On the Needles
Did the heel for the Monkey socks and now working on the foot.

Knitting Trainwrecks
Still working on the Castle Pullover, but gauge is creating a bit of a detour.

Swatch & Learn
This segment is where I talk about tips and tricks I picked up about knitting and what I do to help make knitting easier and more manageable. And soon, I will begin my Knitting History series, so long as there is still interest - picked up No Idle Hands: A Social History of American Knitting from the NYPL and while it can get a bit tedious and dense, I LOVE it. It's really great to know more about the origins and the history of a craft because you learn what happened in the past that perhaps played a role or influenced what we do today.

There was a bit of discussion in the Ravelry group on why I had a bajillion stitch markers on my Castle Pullover, even though the pattern didn't call for it.

Knitting Finds
This week is the start of the Second Annual Knit and Crochet Blog Week. The first topic was about two different yarns. My post is here, but thinking about acrylic and sock yarn opened up another issue that I have been thinking about for awhile: yarn snobbery and yarn as currency.

Knitty City will be having its monthly Ravelry meetup on April 7 (from 6-8pm).

Maryland Sheep and Wool! I will be there on May 6. Still no vendors yet! General tip for now: go with a basic idea of the things you want so that you don't overspend. 

I am extending the lottery that I am running with Reni of Knit Girl in Idaho for the Japan stitchmarkers - thank you to those who have donated and participated so far! The information is here, and the lottery sign-up thread is here. I will be extending it to April 10. 

Closing Song: "Arrivederci" by Emi Meyer from Curious Creature

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Episode 10: Monkeying Around

On the Needles

Chugging along on my Castle Pullover which is turning out quite nicely; cast on for the Monkey Socks as part of the Manic Purl podcast's March Monkey Madness KAL.

Currently looking at the Dyakcraft needles in the 6" length, hands cramp up with the small DPNs, i usually prefer bamboo because I like how they do eventually curve into the palm of my hand, which is like getting custom fit needles. A friend who is going to be with me at MS&W has the interchangeable set and I think the DPN set so I will try them then.

Stashers Anonymous

My Mythos armful custom came last Friday - already have projects lined up - the Artemis laceweight will be the Anthemion wrap, the Poseidon worsted will be a cable and bobble hat from a Japanese pattern book and the Athena yarn will be socks.

Also picked up 2 skeins of The Fibre Company Savannah DK in Sycamore that was on sale for 40% off at Purl SoHo, where I was for the Vintage Modern Knits book signing - but this came out of the MS&W budget to be fair. Plan to knit the Bramble beret from the book.

Spin Right Round

A listener asked to talk about about how yarn is made and I thought to first start with the difference between worsted and woollen spun yarn. Here is a conversation from the Spin-Off forums of fulling woollen spun yarn.

Jared Flood completed his photo essay series of touring the mill in Maine where the Shelter line of yarns is produced.

Knitting Finds

Stitch markers from Blue Ridge Notions on Etsy - ordered the shell and the blue porcelain ones.

Knitting Travels

Spring is in the air in New York City and that means three things:

  1. In Astoria, everyone is blasting Greek music from the cafes in my neighborhood and from cars. I'm glad I live in the back of the building. 
  2. All of the restaurants are open to the warm air and al fresco dining.
  3. Walking! Lot's of it and just wandering around neighborhoods, particularly in those where there are yarn shops. 

Here are some of my favorite/recommended yarn shops and the neighborhoods they are in (and places to eat - I like to travel through museums, yarn shops and my stomach):

  1. Upper West Side: Knitty City. Located on 79th and Amsterdam, it is a residential area, but if you walk south along either Amsterdam/Columbus Aves or Broadway it's a nice area to walk and enjoy the various restaurants. I like Alice's Tea Cup located on 73rd Street just off of Columbus Avenue. American Museum of Natural History is on 80th and Central Park West and if feeling up for a walk across the park on a beautiful day, the Metropolitan Musuem of Art and Museum Mile is on 5th Ave and 82nd Street. 
  2. SoHo: Purl SoHo. Very pretty visually and they have a nice fabric selection as well - but if you do want fabric, head on over to the garment district for MJ Trimmings and Mood Fabrics. Tons of shops in the area and 2 good places to eat are Balthazar's and SoHo Park
  3. Union Square/Flatiron District: Lion Brand Yarn Studio.Tons of classes and events here but be careful - they close at 3 on Fridays and are closed all day Saturdays. My friends and I keep forgetting this. Tons of restaurants along Park Avenue South on the other side of the square and there is also the farmer's market and a really fun bar called Lillie's. If you want a quick bite, Whole Foods is on the south side of the square. 
There are tons of other yarn shops in the city and every fall there is a NYC Yarn Crawl

Events and Knit-A-Longs

I will be at Maryland Sheep & Wool, but the vendors are still not up yet!

This Saturday is No Sheep Till Brooklyn for the local area knitters - bit off schedule since it's a Saturday.

Knitty City has Ravelry Meet-Ups; pretty sure the next is April 7.

Abby and Ben from the Knit Knit Cafe are having a Stephen West knit-a-long.

A Special Announcement

As you know last week Japan was hit by a an earthquake and subsequent tsunami in the Tohoku area which is in the northeast. Thankfully all of my friends and their families are ok, but I would like to do something no matter how small.

Thanks to Reni of Knit Girl in Idaho I am going to put up for lottery 4 sets of 2 stitch markers with images of Japan that I took while I lived in Japan (thanks to the people in the Fresh From the Cauldron group for the inspiration of how to structure this):

How to purchase your "lottery" ticket:
  1. Please make a donation of at least $10 to the charity of your choice or to the Japan Society Earthquake Relief Fund or the Red Cross if you are not sure of a charity/fundraising site. (my personal recommendation - great organization and I took Japanese classes here, so far they have raised about $1mil dollars). 
  2. Forward the receipt or a screenshot to confirm the donation to and please note your Ravelry ID and how much donated.
  3. Post that you have made a donation in the thread for the stitch markers. The post number will be your ticket number and I will close the thread in about two weeks (April 3, 5pm EST) and run a RNG for 4 recipients of the stitch markers, 1 per recipient.  
Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!


Thanks for tuning in and once again, welcome to new and returning listeners.

Closing Song: "I Feel it All" by Feist.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Episode 9: Onto the Castle

Off the Needles

Completed Vasili's Socks - still need to weave in the ends and perhaps do a light steam block to open up the sock a bit more. Finished the toe while sitting in the front seat of my parent's car - had the opportunity to try out the Sea Bands and knitting at the same time since I didn't get a chance to do that while in Florida, despite the copius amount of time spent in the car.

On the Needles

Thanks to the generosity of a listener, I have recieved 6 skeins of Lorna's Laces Dove in the colorway Aslan! I knew that this was dying to be a sweater so I eventually cast on for the Castle Pullover, by Cecily Glowik MacDonald from Quince & Co.

Knitting Trainwrecks
I didn't actually get the yarn and immediately swatch for the Castle Pullover; according to the Ravelry database Lorna's Laces Dove is an Aran weight yarn. In reality it's not; I swatched for the Cadence Pullover on 10s and didn't get gauge, even though the fabric was to my taste. Then tried 11s to get gauge and it was too loose so I undid the swatch and pretty much threw my interchangeable needle case across the living room (not quite, but close enough). I took the yarn and wrapped it around my WPI measuring tool and instead of 8 WPI, I got...13 which is a heavy sport/light fingering. Definitely not aran.

Knitting Finds

Velvet Hippo - her stitch markers are so lovely! Like little bits of jewelry for your knitting, which is apt since Torii is also a jewelry maker and it shows in the quality of the stitch markers.

Little Red Bicycle - heard about this indie dyer from the Never Not Knitting podcast, really beautiful tonal and semi-solid colors as well as some variegated.

On Brooklyn Tweed's blog, Jared Flood discusses a recent trip he made to the mill in Maine where the Shelter line is made, and mentions that he is going to post a photo essay series this week on the entire process in which yarn is made at the mill which is very exciting. (not jsut for the gorgeous photography but to also see how yarn is made at a mill)

Events and Knit-a-Longs

Went to the first of Knitty City's Ravelry meet-ups, which are on the first Thursday of the month from 6-8pm. There were snacks, lots of knitting and a 10% discount. I had the pleasure of meeting one of the listeners from the show and learned something interesting about myself. Also met Jennie Gee who created the popular Keep Calm and Carry Yarn bags and recently brought a new series of bags to the shop. I picked up one of them which is a series of screenprinted quotes related to knitting from literature - the first quote was from Charles Dicken's Tale of Two Cities. Definitely plan to go to the next one!

This Sunday, Courtney Kelley and Kate Gagnon Osborn from Kelbourne Woolens, who are distributors of the Fibre Company Yarns will be at Purl SoHo teaching an Intro to Cables and Arans Workshop from 12-3 and a book signing of Vintage Modern Knits and trunk show will follow from 3-6 pm.

Maryland Sheep and Wool is coming! Hooray! Who will be going? Unfortunately the vendors are still not up, so I can not make my plan of attack (via Excel spreadsheet) just yet.


Thanks for listening!

Closing Song: "The Car Song," by The Cat Empire from the album Two Shoes. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Episode 4: Hello, SweetGeorgia

 On the Needles:

Knitmore Girls Vanilla Socks: doing a 1x1 rib because I misread the pattern; freaked out about it on Twitter (I'm not following directions! No!) but people reassured me that it was ok. Doing a short row heel because I really don't like heel flaps and gussets. Using Koigu KPM in a bright red and a bright purple that I got from the sale bin at Purl SoHo - these are individual 50g skeins, so I am knitting the cuffs, heels and toes in the red and the calf and instep in the plum.

Saartje's Booties: I found one that I actually completed a long time ago in Jaeger Baby Superwash Merino in a blue/yellow that I got back in Japan; Mel's best friend just had another baby boy, so this will be part of the Baby Knitting Basket I'm putting together, complete with Wasabi Baby Hat and the Vintage Baby Cardigan by Kristin Spurkland. Going to finish the other one, and grab some buttons.

Off the Needles:

Hooray! FOs! My Secret Santa spoilee finally got her gift, so I can talk about them now. The final Secret   Project is still secret because I haven't given it to the recipient yet.

i carry ur heart mitts: done in Malabrigo Worsted in Moss. Finished in less than 24 hours and only took up half a skein.

Pug Tea Cozy: Made out of the extra white Patons yarn I had for the Sock Monkey (stashbusting!) and a friend was kind enough to make me the ears and pom-pom snout out of the black yarn since we were making things for pug owners. Both thought they were a gag hat before they realized they were tea cozies, but got a kick out of it.

Stashers Anonymous:

I have stash enhancements, but did not pay one cent for them:

Fresh from the Cauldron Van Helsing on MCN Sock - final installment of the Vampire Sock Club which was paid for back in May.
Diaepoca Yarn in a Deep Coral Color - part of a birthday gift from my best friend from grad school who also studies Japan. It came wrapped furoshiki style in a gorgeous fabric with classical Japanese prints on it, which a friend of mine will turn into a project bag because I can't sew.
2 Skeins of Shepherd's Wool from Stonehedge Fiber Mill in Michigan in Granite - part of my Secret Santa package that I recieved, milled in Michigan. Going to use these to make the Grove Mittens and the Laurel hat from Jared Flood's made in brooklyn.

Knitting Finds: 

New KnitScene Winter/Spring 2011: Love the "Don't Steek Me" section (particularly the Kenning Mitts,     Mette-Marit Pullover, and the Setsedal Love Hat), Bahia ShawlMercury Cowl and the Chiton Pullover. But the question is - do you like the heels/socks combo of the Bas-Relief Socks? Debate!


Felicia Lo of SweetGeorgia was in town for Vogue Knitting Live and for a talk at Knitty City and was awesome enough to let me speak with her about dyeing, SweetGeorgia and her favorites regarding knitting in my first ever interview!


Wrap Up of Felicia Lo at Knitty City, in which I run into some listeners of the podcast and Abby from Knit Knit Cafe!
Me and Felicia. I am wearing my Akimbo by Stephen West 
done in SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock in Stillwater. 

Me and Abby from the Knit Knit Cafe podcast

Closing Song: "Age of Consent" by New Order from the Marie Antoinette Soundtrack
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