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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Episode 5: From the West to the East

Off the Needles:

Vintage Baby Cardigan: all that's missing is the finishing - sewing on the bow to close the front and seaming the underarms. Love the 3-Needle bind-off, I may be closing the toes on my socks with this more often. The Patons Grace is a bit drapey; might not knit this pattern again with cotton, but it would work great with wool or wool-blend. Still have some leftover - might make a baby hat and another pair of booties.

On the Needles:

Knitmore Girls Vanilla Sock: while switching back and forth from the purple to the red Koigu KPM on the first sock, I ended up with gaps on both sides of the heel - how to fix this? I did the trick that Cosmic Pluto suggested to wrap the final stitch on her tutorial, but it didn't work. Have half of the second sock completed - I cast on 60 stitches to see how a 60 stitch sock fits on my foot; 56 stitches is ok, but stretched out a bit. 

Knitting Trainwrecks:

Saartje's Booties - the lesson learned here is to NEVER, EVER delete a project page. I remembered I knit these on size 2s, but forgot if I made the larger or the smaller size of the bootie. I cast on for the large and realized it was way too big. Frogging commenced, bootie reknit...and it's still too big. Have to frog it again and knit on size 1s perhaps. Second lesson learned: yes, your gauge can definitely change over the course of 3 years.

Knitting Finds:

Vintage Modern Knits and corresponding KAL by Kate Gagnon Osborn and Courtney Kelley of Kelbourne Woolens/The Fibre Company - what caught my eye was the Adelaide Yoke Pullover which is featured on the cover. Reminded me alot of one of my favorite sweaters, which is a 100% lambswool JCrew raglan sweater in brown with a cream, orange and pink fair-isle motif along the yoke. Also loved the Ajiro Scarf, Abigail Mitts, Maple Bay Cardigan and the Whitby Stockings.

Definitely one of those books that I want to knit about 90% of the patterns in, so it's a great buy if you like the "vintage modern" aesthetic. They will be doing a classes, signings and trunkshows to go along with the release of the book, the schedule of which is here - planning to go to the 3/13 one at Purl SoHo.

EZ Read Along with the Knitmore Girls - one of my favorite EZ quotes so far has been "Perhaps, then, pass by the [acrylic] department, with your nose in the air." Definitely chuckling along to the Knitter's Almanac, if freaking out about how the patterns are written because it's not a format that I am used to; however she does include the "pithy" instructions.

Knitting Travels:

Off to Japan! Part one of a two part series wherein I talk about Japanese yarn and yarn shops and ways to get it both in Japan and in the United States. Some of my local LYS' back in Japan include Masuzakiya (located also in Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe), another craft shop located in the basement of Kyoto Tower, which is across the street from Kyoto Station, Avril (known as Habu in the United States with a NYC location and also locations in Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe), Nomura Tailor (with awesome fabric and sewing notions that made me want to learn how to sew).

If you are there in the summer, check out the noryo-yuka at the Sanjo Starbucks. You can get a Red Bean Frappucino (yum!):
If you need help with translating the Japanese, let me know and I'll do my best - I can also point out on Google maps where most of these places are (which except for Masuzakiya and Yoshikawa in Kyoto Tower, are all in the downtown area between Shijo and Sanjo Dori).

There are also the Japanese Knitting and Crochet and Knitters in Japan group which are great resources (especially the latter for yarn shops since the majority of the group's members live in Japan).

One place that you can buy Japanese yarn from is from Pierrot. You can also order yarn via Rakuten, which is a massive Japanese site that sells almost everything under the sun. Here are some of my favorites:

Puppy Silk Blend
Puppy British Eroika
Puppy Maurice (pretty similar to Lion Brand's Amazing yarn)
Make Make (6 balls will make a pair of socks). Can also find this on kpixie.
Puppy Alpaca Rimisto
Hamanaka Fugue

I have not tried ordering yet but here is the Rakuten Shipping Information. Definitely plan to restock on my favs in the future. In the next episode, I'll be talking about Japanese patterns.

Here is a map of the 4 yarn shops I mentioned that are located in Kyoto.


Thanks to Kristin of the Yarngasm podcast and Abby of the KnitKnit Cafe podcast for mentioning me in their latest episodes!

Closing Song: "Love Letter to Japan" by The Bird and the Bee from their album Ray Guns are Not the Future
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