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Sunday, November 27, 2011

In the Conductor's Booth: An Interview with Lela Nargi

On a gorgeous fall day, I had the opportunity to interview Lela Nargi, who recently published Knitting Around the World. 
There will be a more detailed review in the next episode (which due to a trip to IKEA is delayed - but there is a knitting connection so you will hear about the trip) but I will say that it is an amazing book. Check it out.

We had a really great and thoughtful conversation about why people knit and once again, Japan and knitting makes a comeback. Before the interview, I explored Cobble Hill a bit and as an architecture buff, it was eye candy galore.

Speaking of knitting around the world: I would like to point out that I made a Subway Knits Listeners map, so please add yourself to it! I know there are a lot of listeners from many varied places around the globe and as someone who has wanderlust, would love to know where everyone is from. The link is also located on the "Where Are You Going, Where Are You From?" section on the right sidebar of the blog.

P.S. The holiday season is upon us, so that means all the closing songs from here until New Year will be holiday themed. I LOVE holiday music, especially contemporary takes on it.

Closing Song: "Carol of the Bells" by The Bird and the Bee
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