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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Episode 8: Veni, Vidi, Mickey

Off the Needles:

Can finally talk about the Ptarmigan! I knit this up in LB Collection Cashmere for a secret project for my friend Shelley and she loved it. This was the project that was frogged twice because I ran out of yarn and messed up the pattern. 

Finished off the Orchids and Fairy Lights hat - my grandmother saw me knitting it (and I saw 2 knitted potholders in her condo!) and was dropping hints that she liked it - along the lines of "That color is too dark for a young girl" (Creatively Dyed Woodbrook in Forest) and "That is such a lovely pattern." I was busy cranking it out at the dinner table in my uncle's house in Orlando, which fascinated both of my aunts and my baby cousins, shocked my grandmother and left my sister to do the dishes. 

I was thinking of doing another repeat of the pattern to accommodate for "The Hive" - my grandmother has been rocking the beehive hairdo since the 1950s, but didn't need to. Luckily, this is a hat that really does not require blocking, so I bound off and presented it to my grandmother who promptly wore it even though it was 80 degrees outside. She plans to use it for her bad hair/non-Hive days. 

On the Needles:

Since I gave away the first Orchids and Fairy Lights hat, and it is still quite chilly here (I was very sad to have to put on jeans last week after a week of capris and shorts) I am going to knit another hat for myself, in Sanguine Gryphon Free Range in Prairie Chicken which is a yellow green. This might actually show the pattern better as well since it is a lighter color. It's a DK so I will swatch it on 8s like I did for the first one since the CD Woodbrook was more of a light worsted and hopefully will get gauge. If it's a bit off that's fine - the first hat still seemed a little bit baggy as opposed to slouchy so if it's a bit smaller then I hope there will be a slightly more dense fabric and a bit of structured slouchiness - slouchy, but not messy.

Working on Vasili's socks - who is my 7 year old godbrother - using a hybrid: look, I'm modding a pattern! Breaking away from the mold! As I mentioned before I took the Most Basic Kid's socks as a template because I was having a hard time finding good non-stockinette socks for kids and the pattern from Hermione's Everyday Socks and mashed them together with good results!

It was a big hit with Vasili and his sister Persephone, who is 6 - once I am done with these and most of my Monkey socks, I will use the Most Basic Kid's socks as a template for the Lexi Socks (size 3 needle but taking the pattern repeat b/c I want a denser fabric, so 52 stitches, 2 stitches left over will be at the beginning and end of the repeat). 

Knitting Finds:

The preview Spring 2011 Issue of Interweave Knits is out! Normally a bit iffy on Spring Issues of any knitting magazine (this may be due to the shock when I entered Masuzakiya in Spring 2008 to find nothing but cotton and cotton blend yarns - where is the WOOL!?!?) because it can get way too hot to knit here. Still, some patterns are of note: Rose Lace StoleLara Bubble TopRuched Yoke TeePrairie ScarfHourglass PillowsSwirl Crop Jacket.

Knitting Travels:

In which I return from Florida, slightly pink and very tired of lines. 

Where to begin: let's start at the airport - no problems with getting my knitting needles through security at JFK and Orlando airports, and I had my interchangeables to boot! What really ticked me off was the hour-long line at security in Orlando Int'l Airport; just as my sister and I were about to reach one line for the metal detectors, another opened just in time. Abby from the KnitKnit Cafe mentioned that JFK lines are just as bad - I have been very lucky at JFK, because I have never seen such ridiculous lines as the ones I saw in Orlando, not even at the Manila airport where security is outside of the terminal and only passengers are allowed past a certain point.

What got me was that I couldn't bring my knitting to Disney - I thought security had changed at Disney and they brought in metal detectors but it was just a "Bag Line" and a "No Bag Line." If I stuffed my project bag in the bottom of my bag, no one would have noticed. 

Luckily, the 4 of us were very busy screaming our heads off and constantly getting soaked on rides - my 2 cousins had to leave early, so my sister and I used their tickets to double up on the Fast Passes so we can skip the majority of the lines. 

I did bring my knitting to Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure so I can meet my friend Amanda from my knitting group and go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter but again, very busy! 

Speaking of coasters - the Sea-Bands really don't work on them. But they did work on everything else! I had them on all day at Disney (except for the Mad Hatter Tea Cup ride, which was a last minute ride and a mistake) and was fine and survived the 2.5 hour drive to Orlando from Tampa in which my sister, myself and my 2 cousins were smushed in the back of my yiayia's sedan clown car style.

Events and Knit-A-Longs:

Little late in coming, but Knitty City, my LYS on 79th and Amsterdam on the Upper West Side is hosting the first of its Ravelry meetups tonight from 6-8pm. I am definitely going and will provide a wrap-up in the next episode. There will be more in the future!

Chrissy of the Manic Purl podcast has started a March Monkey Madness knit-a-long, with Cookie A.'s Monkey socks as the pattern. It's been revamped and resized in her new book Knit.Sock.Love. but you can still access the free pattern via Knitty, which is what I am doing. I am knitting mine on 2.75 needles with STR yarn in Pepe Le Plume that I got from a destash. You can knit any form of the Monkey - toe up, no purl, no hole Monkeys and remember to tag your project with "manicmarchmonkeymadness," as there will be prizes.


Thanks to CoggieTM of the High Fiber Diet for her recent shout-out to the Subway Knits podcast.

Closing song: "In the Sun" by She & Him

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