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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Episode 21: Fall, Fibre, Friends, Food

Special shout out to Megan of the Stitch It! Podcast, who in a tweet summarized Rhinebeck in four words and gave the title for these week's episode.

I was loaded up in the car with Mel (the husband), my friend Lisa, co-proprietor of newly-opened Roman Hills yarn company (check it out!) John, and their son Emmet. But there was so much traffic over the last 2 miles that it took us two hours to get into and park.

We also learned that there was a 2 hour line for Sanguine Gryphon. In the morning, we decided to throw that plan of going there out the window. This is the photo that Knitty City tweeted:

Yeah. Right. I have to admit, this plus the traffic dampened my mood a bit and caused a bit of anxiety.

At the Ravelry meetup, I was all set with my sign, but a little bit shy with regards to holding it up. Lisa helped:
I did get to meet with Amy Christoffers and her friend, Becky Herrick. Photo is with Amy, and I look horrible (I think it was being so tired from the traffic and just arriving!). Amy was wearing the Larch Cardigan and her goal was to meet with the Bosworths to talk about her Journey Wheel

 Got to speak a bit with Laura Chau, and was interrupted by people wanting to pet my Traveling Woman Shawl, which was fun since it was nice to see that people liked what I knit! Kristin of Yarngasm arrived and we were finally with our sign:
 Also met up with Abby of Knit Knit Cafe and got to chat with a listener! The Ravelry Meetup was alot of fun. cider donuts. I also had a cheeseburger with fries and clam chowder in a bread bowl. 
After the meetup, I met up with some friends and headed over to the big buildings. I had a mission: to get some books autographed. I met with Lela Nargi (Knitting Around the World) and fangirled over Ysolda while she signed my newly-purchased copy of Little Red in the City, and Clara Parkes (who was wearing Hawthorne). I was worried that there would be a long line but there weren't. I had a lovely chat with the three ladies and ran into Melissa Werle of NeoKnits. She was wearing her Adina cardigan and Catherine was wearing Idlewilde.

After the book signing, I finally got started with some yarn buying. I wanted to get some yarn from Spirit Trail Fibreworks, but unfortunately, there wasn't anything I liked for the Larch Cardigan which I wanted to get yarn for. But I will go back to them in the future. I did get yarn from Creatively Dyed (one is a birthday gift and I purchased a skein of Woodbrook in the colorway Cendros).

Sheep! This was the Best in Show part of the demonstrations that I saw when Mel and I decided to wander around for a bit.
The color theme of this year's Rhinebeck was purple, and teal; I purchased yarn for the Larch Cardigan from Shelridge Farms. it was their DK weight yarn but according to Buffy it was more like a sport weight. The colorway I purchased was Azure. 

We finally did end up at Sanguine Gryphon; there was no crowd, but very picked over. However, I did get yarn for Sarah to trade for MadTosh Sugarplum, and a skein of Eidos sock in Bacchic. Wonderful. 

In short, I did complete my Rhinebeck goals, which were to meet people, get books signed and yarn for the Larch Cardigan. Next year, we are thinking of getting a place or stay somewhere for the weekend so that we can avoid all the crazy. 
Closing Song: "The Melody of a Fallen Tree" by Windsor for the Derby
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