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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Subway Knits Episode 81: The Backup

On the Needles
On a huge sock kick and I was knitting socks in front of my principal! Finished White Birch Fiber Arts "No One Says Screw You Like A Unicorn" (off camera - had to cut the cuff of the first sock, but all is well) and working on my "Outlander" socks for the #outlandeRKAL. Demonstrated how I avoid ladders when shifting from one DPN to the next. 

The Aussie loves the socks I knit him (Fresh from the Cauldron MCN in Michael Corvin from 2009) and is requesting more. 

My Hinoki was a bit of a disaster, but I did have a backup Rhinebeck sweater, thanks to Kristin. I am taking a break from Hinoki and plan to finish it and the pattern over Christmas. 

I recieved the Buchaille Seven Skeins Club from Kate Davies, and I love it. 

Spin Right Round
Back to spinning: working on Pigeonroof Studios July/August 2013 SAL Wine Tasting in Superwash Merino (it's SO soft) on my Bostworth Midi Purpleheart Spindle, and some Falkland fiber from Wild Hare in Natural Appeal on my new zebrawood and ebony spindle from Mill Point Emporium, which is a dream to spin with. 

Knitting Travels - Rhinebeck Edition!
The Indie Untangled Trunk Show was a mega sensory overload, but it was alot of fun to see everyone who was part of this year's Road to Rhinebeck series. On Saturday, Laura, Kristing and I did the podcaster meetup, and I actually did not get any yarn - just the Wild Hare Fiber and the new spindle, as well as shearling earmuffs for me and a brushed alpaca scarf for my mom. 

Events & Announcements

Don't forget the #outlandeRKAL is going in the Ravelry group - the second quiz question is up! In the meantime, we have the first winner for the Lady of Lallybroch Socks by CC Almon of Geeky Girls Knit. This week's prize is a copy of the French Outlander Shawl by Tanya Marie of The Sampler Girl Podcast. 

Here are the list of the other prize sponsors (specific prizes to be announced, as well as a fun grand prize for the KAL): 
  • Bijou Basin Ranch
  • The Sampler Girl
  • CC Almon
  • Lion Brand
  • Caithness Craft
  • Dreams in Fiber 
My Knitting in Japanese class at Vogue Knitting LIVE! sold out on the first day of general registration! I am so surprised and honored that so many people wanted to take the class - in fact I am teaching a second session from 9-12 on Saturday January 16, as the 2-5 pm session is already sold out. 

I am so excited to be teaching and seeing all of you. If you already registered, drop a line and say hi either here or anywhere else. I'm planning to pull a Clara Parkes (her Claramels look divine) and bring some treats to class. More details on whether there will be a meetup to come soon. 

Thanks for watching!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Almost There!

One of the great things about going to Rhinebeck is not only just meeting up with friends and putting faces to the Ravatars of the members in your Ravelry group, but also meeting up with new people and introducing yourself and the podcast to others who like podcasts, but have not heard of yours yet. 

In the week and a half since Rhinebeck, the community behind the Subway Knits Podcast group on Ravelry has grown and I want to celebrate that!

We are currently at 840 members and while our group is on the quieter side, it makes up for it in numbers and comments. 

So here is how it is going to work - part of me really, really hopes we make it to 1000 by the time the 4th anniversary of the podcast rolls around, which is December 30, 2014. 

So as a thank you, for every 50 new members there will be a prize  given at 850, 900, 950 and 1000 - plus a GRAND prize to celebrate our community making it to 1000. 

You need to be a member of the Ravelry group and to participate in the Member's Celebration thread by answering the discussion questions. The winners will be chosen by RNG from that thread. 

Also, I am going to include a chat thread with an AMA (Ask Me Anything), Reddit style - if you have any questions to ask about my thoughts on anything related to knitting, crafting, the podcast, blogging, ask away! The answers to the questions posed in the thread will be answered in the 4th Anniversary episode of the podcast. 

Stay tuned for prize updates! 
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Sunday, October 26, 2014

(Subway Knits Episode 70) Rhinebeck Uncut: 4 New Yorkers, A Texan and a Dog

It was an epic Rhinebeck
weekend as always - even made more epic by the fact that Laura came and stayed with me, The Aussie took amazing photos and was amazing and a wonderful husband because he drove us & Emily up, people were so lovely and saying hi at Rhinebeck (Laura's hair served as a homing beacon) and, and and!

Lots happened over the course of two days and it was so jam packed, my assistant principal told me she was surprised to see me on Tuesday (I was dead on my feet on Monday, so she assumed I was sick).

We got there early and  the line to go inside was already ridiculously long - so much for even trying to get a Jennie the Potter mug. 

It was a thought, but when Laura from KnitGirllls mentioned that people where there from 6:45 in the morning, it was a lost cause. 
Waiting outside for the gates to open. 
The weather was a bit iffy here and there - I really regretted not wearing my Cadence Pullover at least so I could have a backup Rhinebeck sweater, but it got warmer during the day and we enjoyed the gorgeous foliage. 

Of course, we were there to see the goods - this year I was on a bit of a budget, but also I am suffering a bit from stash overload.

I think the time has come where I am at a point with my stash - it has to be knit down. And until it is, no more yarn buying. I have enough yarn to get me through several sweaters and also tons of socks and other accessories.
That being said, looking at the goods is always a fun thing to do. 

Kim's Chuppah for her sister at the competition booth in the food hall. 
Laura and I had alot of fun running into people - there were so many! Off the top of my head we ran into several listeners (you know who you are!) spoke briefly with some dyers and companies that are friends of the blog and podcast (Long Island Livestock, Dragonfly Fibers & Bijou Basin Ranch, to start) and of course, all the podcasters. 
Laura, Me & the Stockinette Zombies
68 Episodes later, finally got to meet Laura (suddenexpression), aka moderator extraordinaire in person! 
At the meetup, we had a little bit of fun modeling our fresh knits that we finished for Rhinebeck. Laura and Emily had sweaters (a very modified Featherweight and Owls, respectively) and I got to wear Happy Street for the first time. I ended up only knitting 4 out of the 5 repeats of the strip set, but I was really glad I didn't go for the fifth. Firstly, I would have run out of time and secondly, it would have been way to big. I love big shawls to wear as scarves, but I have my limits. There is such a thing as too big. 

What I also love about Rhinebeck is getting up close and personal with the animals that contribute the fiber we use to make our Rhinebeck sweaters and shawls. We saw the famous nun with her cashmere goat, and got to know more about sheep and how they are auctioned off. 

Of course, it wouldn't be Rhinebeck without the amazing frisbee dogs and the adorable border collies. The Aussie actually put his name down on the list for a future litter of border collie puppies! 
As for the swag, I shared it on Kim's upload of the podcast we did with Laura, Kristin and Dana - as I mentioned before, my stash enhancements were tiny, but mighty. 

I'll elaborate more in another post, but in the meantime, how was your Rhinebeck 2014? Share links to other roundups and blog posts about the event in the comments below, as well as the swag!

Here's to Rhinebeck 2015!

Psst...the audio for our epic Rhinebeck video podcast is up! Listen here for Episode 70, and subscribe here and here.

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Subway Knits Episode 69: Rhinebeck 2014

On the Needles
Happy Street is finished! 
I cast on Galeo using the Jones & Vandermeer Camel yarn from Gauge x Tension; trying to eek it out of 1 skein, so only did 1.5" of ribbing. 

Knitting Finds
Craftsy wrote an article on how to get out of a rut, which often happens to me. 

If you love the classic, "All American"/New Englander/Preppy look like I do, check out the patterns that Swans Island published recently featuring their All American Collection worsted weight yarn. 

Rhinebeck 2014: check out my photo roundup here and Kim's upload of our 4 New Yorkers, A Texan and a Dog podcast. I will also upload the audio version of the podcast to my feed for the audio listeners. 

Review (color palette, formatting visually appealing, patterns easy to read
A Head for Trouble What to Knit While Chasing Crooks, Chasing Clues and Solving Murders by Julie Turjoman Paperback is $26.95, the e-book is $19.95 and the paperback/e-book combo is $46.90.
A wonderful collection of 20 accessories inspired by the 1920s and fictional female detectives. When I saw this, I immediately thought of Agatha Christie and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. Definitely worth a look for the hats alone, especially if you love cloches. 

The cover page says Volume 1, so that means there is definitely more to come! If you like the fashion of Downton Abbey, especially now that Season 5 is firmly set in the 1920s, The Great Gatsby or Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, this is the book for you. I had a lot of fun looking through it! 

Anyone who pre-orders the print copy and e-book combo by October 31 will receive the bonus e-book collection called A Head for Fashion.

In addition, Julie was kind enough to offer a copy as a giveaway! Take a look at the patterns and see which lady detective's hat and accessories set you would like to knit up the most. Place your choice in the comments below, and don't forget your Ravelry ID.

Thanks for listening!
Closing Song: "Feel the Same Way" by Poema

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day by Day

So instead of going over things in detail, here is the rundown of what has happened recently:

1) Rhinebeck happened. HALLELUJAH. I took the train up with my friend Emily (she moved back from Japan! She is going to live in my 'hood! Yay local knit buddy!) and we had a blast.  Here is the haul: 
From L to R: Lisa Souza Polwarth Silk in Pesto and Deep Sea; Loop Merino/Nylon/Angelina batt in Electric Current; Cephalod Traveller in Sherwood Gardens; LI Livestock Alpacla Wool in Rose with just a hint of Firestar. 

And of course there were apple cider donuts and clam chowder to be had. 

I also got to see Amy Christoffers again! We plan to make it a thing. I also ran into Dana, Sarah, Amy and Bristol Ivy too in addition to Kim, Kristin, my knitting friends and listeners of the show. HIII!!!!!
Stolen from Amy's Instagram. 
And stolen from Sarah's blog. This is how limited my time is - I have to swipe photos because uploading from my phone = less time to lesson plan. 

2) I got a tattoo! This is my knitting tattoo, of a C2R stitch - right leaning cable stitch. Subtle, dainty and like a secret handshake amongst knitters. 
3) New ramen place opened up and they have the spicy tuna onigiri just like how they make it in Japan. This is why I love my neighborhood. 
4) Went to orthopedist and woop-de-do, I have arthritis in BOTH my knees and misplaced kneecaps. Sigh. Off to the gym I go. The chiropractor is really working - less tension in the pelvic area which is helping my dextroscoliosis. He is like my guru. 

5) Lots of things coming up for review! Stay tuned. We currently have an Unofficial Downton Abbey Knits review/giveaway going on. Comment in the thread here to enter the giveaway.

6) QAL is going on too and the prizes are up! Join us as we try and knit down the queue. 

7) I am being such a fail in my Muggle Studies OWL - I don't think I'll make midterm. Work has been busting me so much that when I come home I just do not have the energy to knit. And that says something. 

8) Starting spinning for the first time in 2.5 months - after I plied my TdF yarn, I had a bit of tendonitis at the base of my left thumb (my body is such a hot mess!). Working on my Loop Bump now and loving every minute. I plan to spin it all up and then N-ply it to keep the color as it is, and then knit it up into socks. 
In fact, I am not going to do the laundry tonight and use the evening to craft away. I have to sew a tutu for my halloween costume at school which will be the subject of a separate post, and I have my lessons all set for tomorrow. 

When things get hectic, you have to take it day by day. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Episode 42: Meteor Showers and the Milky Way

Subway Knits is sponsored by Roman Hills: Pretty Nerdy, Pretty, Nerdy Yarn. Please show support by clicking on the link above.

Subway Knits is also sponsored by Gynx Yarns, home to beautiful colorways hand dyed on organic merino bases. Please show your support for by clicking on the link above. 

On the Needles
I have knit not a stitch the past two weeks - even at Rhinebeck. I brought my knitting with me, but wasn't really in the mindset, probably due to the over stimulation. Didn't get to knit the cowl, but rather refashioned the Traveling Woman shawl from Rhinebeck 2010 into a cowl.

I also went through my UFOs bin (and chair) and purged. As in, I threw stuff out. Fiber that has compacted, projects out of not so great yarn that will never be complete. I feel all the better for it - reorganized and now have two UFO spots. Let's just hope I can finally get to the Hawthorne Shawl that my mom has been waiting for a good while to be finished.

Spin Right Round
Almost done with the BFL Silk. However, I messed up on the splitting of the fiber so the amount of fiber on bobbins is uneven, but will do my trick of using the ball winder again so that I don't have left overs once I get my new one. Next is leftover polwarth from Gherkin's Bucket called Motley which has compacted, but this blog post from Amy Singer of Knitty will help me get through it.

Knitting Finds
New place for project bags - Second Avenue Swag. Shannon even has brocade fabric ones which take alot of dedication. I pinged her to see if she could make a bag out of Japanese fabric I have and she does accept customs.

Knitting Travels
Rhinebeck. Sigh. I want it to happen again. made purchases from Into the Whirled, Yarns International (Jamieson & Smith Yarn for Sheep Heid), Jessa Lu, Lisa Souza, Miss Babs, and Cephalapod Yarns. Once I get photos of the purchases, I will upload them onto the blog (but Hurricane Sandy is messing with my light!)

Super Scary Mochimochi by Anna Hracovec. Published by Potter Craft, $19.99US, $23.99CAN.

Ghosts: Historiographies, Cultural manifestations, and the Knits They've Inspired - Teresa Gregorio (aka canaryknits on Ravelry and Twitter) is offering listeners a coupon code for 15% off the eBook or a pattern of your choice from the book with the code "subwayknits." $18.00CAD.

Giveaway for Heritage Collection is still going, winner will be drawn in Episode 43. Comment here to enter the giveaway.
QAL is starting November 1. Information is here and here.

Thanks for listening!
Closing Song: "Monster Mash"

Monday, October 22, 2012

Rhinebeck 2012

It was gorgeous last weekend in Rhinebeck. The leaves were turning, there was a chill in the air and the weather was perfect. 
I saw an adorable bunny (really a hare) and fell in love with a new sheep breed Cheviot. So dense and soft! 

There was alot of gorgeous yarn - and I walked away with a wee bit more than what I had intended. Photos of the haul to come.
Angora blend yarn. 
Mss Babs
At the last minute, I decided to go on the second day. I saw the Sheep to Shawl contest, and that is when I did most of the yarn shopping damage. 
 But I do have to say, one of the best things is meeting people for the first time, running into people that you didn't expect, meeting up with people you saw last year, hanging out with friends, and posing for the Podcaster Class Picture of Rhinebeck 2012.
Santiago the frisbee dog 
Melanie of the Savvy Girls at the book signing 
Designer Becky Herrick 
Dyer Lisa Roman and the sheep we picked up for our friend (it's a LONG story).
Donna Druchunas and Rohn Strong
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Podcaster Meetup
I had a great time, and loved the house we stayed at - I hope to get pictures of it so that I have more to share! Podcast epi to come soon, once the week is over (as well as last week's epi!).
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