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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Knit the Queue-Along: Fall/Winter 2012

It’s that time again - the Fall/Winter 2012 Knit the Queue-Along!

There are two threads: the QAL Chat thread and the QAL FOs thread. The latter is no chat because your post number is the entry number for the RNG.
The project that you submit to the QAL FOs thread must have a queue date. This can be found on your project page on the lower right hand corner of the page, it will say, “Originally Queued: Date Goes Here.”
The idea of the QAL is to knit off the queue, not add more to it, there is a deadline for projects that can be added to the queue, while will be November 1. If you submit a project that has an “Originally Queued” date after November 1, it will not count for the QAL.
WIPs are not allowed.
You can submit as many FOs as you like.
The end date for the Fall/Winter QAL is January 31.
Cast on is ANYTIME between 11/1 and 1/31.
And for the important stuff: PRIZES!!
image title
A skein of yarn from Roman Hills.
image title
A wedgie bag and notions pouch from Second Avenue Swag.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Episode 28: C'Mon, Vogue

On the Needles
Larch Cardigan - finally finished the 4 inches of stockinette!
Darjeeling Socks - my first toe ups. I read online through knitty how to do Judy's Magic Cast on, but this video helped me alot. The jury is still out on whether I am a complete toe-up convert.
Knitting Finds 
Nike uses knitting for running shoes. Once I get into the regular habit of running and wear out my current pair, I'd like to try these out!
For the knitting scientists - sheep breeding and genomes.
Someone finally got around to busting the myth of whether or not crochet eats up more yarn than knitting.
Knitting Travels
I was in South Carolina this week and that meant meeting up with Mary Beth again. This time we didn't go to Hobby Lobby but rather checked out The Needle Tree which is in Greenville, SC about an hour away from my in-laws. The owner was wearing a beautiful knit dress out of a tonal brown Madtosh Pashmina. I think its the Vali pattern from Rowan.
 In fact, I did go to a Hobby Lobby as one opened up less than 5 minutes away from my in-laws new house but I walked away EMPTYHANDED. Shocker. The one thing I purchased knit-wise were buttons.
After The Needle tree we walked around Greenville and had really good tacos and cheese quesadillas at Chicora Alley. We saw a sign for a place called Brew & Ewe - we thought it was a place that had yarn and beer, but turns out it was a coffee shop that had a small space dedicated to handknit crafts. There were no skeins of yarn to be had which was a bit of a disappointment.

Mel and I did spend a morning at Nintey Six Historical Site which was a colonial settlement and site of a siege during the American revolution.

Other than that its been a week of relaxing, knitting and reading.
Entangled Issue 4 came out this week. My photos of Franklin Habit's talk at Lion Brand Yarn Studio and Vogue Knitting live were featured in the "One Day In...Manhattan" article - so honored! It was alot of fun. That being said, this is one of their best issues yet - as I mentioned before, this is the one magazine I actually subscribe to. Great source of information. The founder, Genny Stevens was recently featured in her hometown newspaper.
The Downton Abbey Swap sign-ups are closed! Someone at Vogue Knitting got wind of it and the response just exploded - which is something Sharon (stitchmistress) over at the TVKnitting Podcast and I just did not anticipate. We loved the response and the enthusiasm for the swap and we are definitely hoping that if this swap goes well, to do another round that is concurrent with season 3 of Downton Abbey.

Minimum Requirements for the Package
  • 1 Small Knitted Item (fingerless mitts, gloves, cowl, shawlette, hat) that is inspired by Edwardian/Victorian Design. Essentially it should answer one or both of the following questions: Would one of the characters wear it in the show? Or, would a modern-day version of the character wear it? Think lace, cloches, small shawls, picot. It does not have to be complex - if you have any questions or are stuck on trying to find a pattern, please contact one of the hosts!
  • 1 Skein of Yarn
  • Tea or the swappee’s drink of choice (tea preferably since that IS what the Downton ladies always drank but to be fair there are hot chocolate and/or coffee drinkers.)
  • Small sweet/food goodie to go with said beverage of choice for a proper tea.
Between $20 and $40 (various budgets hence the price range, but this excludes the cost of the yarn used to create the knitted item and excluding shipping).

If there are any questions or problems, please contact either me or stitchmistress ASAP.)

We are currently placing everyone up on a spreadsheet and pairing up people and hope to get that done by the end of the weekend or Monday at the latest.

In addition, Lisa and Amy of the amazing Roman Hills have generously offered a special discount to Downton Abbey Swappers and listeners of the Subway Knits podcast!

From now until April 23, 2012 (the mailing deadline for the Downton Abbey Swap), you can get 15% off yarn by using the coupon code SKDA15.
Special thank you to everyone who has contacted me about donating to the knitting club I am starting up at my middle school! 

Just discovered a new podcast: The Foodie Knitter. Her voice is great and its very engaging. It also involves food. Yum.

Thanks for listening!
Closing Song: "Vogue" by Madonna

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Get Yer Downton Abbey Yarn On!

Lisa and Amy of the amazing Roman Hills have generously offered a special discount to Downton Abbey Swappers and listeners of the Subway Knits podcast!

From now until April 23, 2012 (the mailing deadline for the Downton Abbey Swap), you can get 15% off yarn by using the coupon code SKDA15.

What better way than to spruce up your swap package by adding in a skein of Mary, The Dowager Countess or any other character? (As for me, I love Daisy, Lavinia, or Sybil!)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Obsessed. I Admit It.

When I get obsessed about something - and it is quite rare because the things I like are usually not what others like - I go all out.

With Pride and Prejudice, it was owning a thrift store copy and acquiring the fancy cloth cover Penguin editon, seeing both versions of the film adaptations (although to be honest, I really do prefer the Kiera Knightely one over Colin Firth - in my defense it was because Matthew MacFayden is an awesome Mr. Darcy), owning the published sequels/alternate versions (I own the Letters from Pemberley Series, the first books in the Mr. Darcy's Daughters and The Pemberley Chronicles Series and Mr. Darcy's Diary) and now I'm reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Seriously. I'm a sewing machine short of re-enacting the Regency. Oh, and let's not forget Jane Austen Knits.

My other obsession these days - which clearly is a demonstration of my increasing/resurging Britain-ophilia (Anglophilia doesn't quite cut it, what with my love for Shetland yarn and Fair Isle) - is Sherlock. I used a clip of an episode in my science class last week.

But we are not here to talk about Pride and Prejudice, or Sherlock (though it may come up especially when Series 2 of Sherlock is on PBS in May). Downton Abbey is what I am talking about.

There are times when I wish I can live in this world - but up to a point. The house is a perk. 

I resisted and resisted - and then over Christmas break I caved. It got me through the rest of my Castle Pullover and I just finished watching Series 1 for the second (or third? I forgot) time today with a friend of mine who is just as obsessed. In fact, she actually told me that when she started watching it, she thought of me because of my obsession love with Pride and Prejudice (I love period fiction).

We have a lively Downton Abbey thread over in the Subway Knits ravelry group - and yes, we can watch the episodes online! I love enabling others and it was really cute to see others realize that we can watch them online - not having cable myself (gasp, I know), and living without a tv for 18 months (in Japan) I got used to having my computer act as a television.

That being said, the obsession is starting to take itself to the next level. For one thing, I have been reading tons of Victorian/Edwardian fiction that is either cheap or free for the Kindle, and I saw The Forsyte Saga on Netflix (and have it for my Kindletoo - that is free). I am also watching The Grand
which is of the Upstairs, Downstairs variety (and I'm trying to watch that too).

And then Lisa and Amy decide to take my obsession even further with all of this:

Thomas & O'Brien (450yd SW75/25 BFL/Nylon)

Matthew (225yd SW Merino Worsted)

Carson (215yd 80/10/10 SW Merino/Cashmere/Nylon DK)

The Dowager Countess (420yd Merino/Silk/Nylon/Silver Sock)

Lavinia (850 yd Baby Alpaca Silk Lace)

Mary (425yd 50/50 Merino Silk Sock)

Sigh. I'll take one of each, but especially Lavinia. What is also fun is that  if you order at one of each colorway you essentially get a sampler of all the bases they have to offer as well. If I remember, I think Lisa and Amy are also busy cooking up the rest of the characters. Looking forward to that! 

PS. The idea of a Downton Abbey-themed swap is not getting out of my head. What say you? 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Episode 21: Fall, Fibre, Friends, Food

Special shout out to Megan of the Stitch It! Podcast, who in a tweet summarized Rhinebeck in four words and gave the title for these week's episode.

I was loaded up in the car with Mel (the husband), my friend Lisa, co-proprietor of newly-opened Roman Hills yarn company (check it out!) John, and their son Emmet. But there was so much traffic over the last 2 miles that it took us two hours to get into and park.

We also learned that there was a 2 hour line for Sanguine Gryphon. In the morning, we decided to throw that plan of going there out the window. This is the photo that Knitty City tweeted:

Yeah. Right. I have to admit, this plus the traffic dampened my mood a bit and caused a bit of anxiety.

At the Ravelry meetup, I was all set with my sign, but a little bit shy with regards to holding it up. Lisa helped:
I did get to meet with Amy Christoffers and her friend, Becky Herrick. Photo is with Amy, and I look horrible (I think it was being so tired from the traffic and just arriving!). Amy was wearing the Larch Cardigan and her goal was to meet with the Bosworths to talk about her Journey Wheel

 Got to speak a bit with Laura Chau, and was interrupted by people wanting to pet my Traveling Woman Shawl, which was fun since it was nice to see that people liked what I knit! Kristin of Yarngasm arrived and we were finally with our sign:
 Also met up with Abby of Knit Knit Cafe and got to chat with a listener! The Ravelry Meetup was alot of fun. cider donuts. I also had a cheeseburger with fries and clam chowder in a bread bowl. 
After the meetup, I met up with some friends and headed over to the big buildings. I had a mission: to get some books autographed. I met with Lela Nargi (Knitting Around the World) and fangirled over Ysolda while she signed my newly-purchased copy of Little Red in the City, and Clara Parkes (who was wearing Hawthorne). I was worried that there would be a long line but there weren't. I had a lovely chat with the three ladies and ran into Melissa Werle of NeoKnits. She was wearing her Adina cardigan and Catherine was wearing Idlewilde.

After the book signing, I finally got started with some yarn buying. I wanted to get some yarn from Spirit Trail Fibreworks, but unfortunately, there wasn't anything I liked for the Larch Cardigan which I wanted to get yarn for. But I will go back to them in the future. I did get yarn from Creatively Dyed (one is a birthday gift and I purchased a skein of Woodbrook in the colorway Cendros).

Sheep! This was the Best in Show part of the demonstrations that I saw when Mel and I decided to wander around for a bit.
The color theme of this year's Rhinebeck was purple, and teal; I purchased yarn for the Larch Cardigan from Shelridge Farms. it was their DK weight yarn but according to Buffy it was more like a sport weight. The colorway I purchased was Azure. 

We finally did end up at Sanguine Gryphon; there was no crowd, but very picked over. However, I did get yarn for Sarah to trade for MadTosh Sugarplum, and a skein of Eidos sock in Bacchic. Wonderful. 

In short, I did complete my Rhinebeck goals, which were to meet people, get books signed and yarn for the Larch Cardigan. Next year, we are thinking of getting a place or stay somewhere for the weekend so that we can avoid all the crazy. 
Closing Song: "The Melody of a Fallen Tree" by Windsor for the Derby
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