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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tutorial: 2-1-2 Left Leaning Cable with No Cable Needles

So I have been knitting the Bramble Beret from Vintage Modern Knits for my sister for the past month or so (we won't go into too much detail as to why it entered the UFO bin for the summer).

I got the book back in January. I didn't start the pattern until May even though I had yarn specifically for this purpose.

I was afraid of the 2-1-2 left leaning cable. This is a cable stitch that goes, "slip two stitches onto 1st cable needle, hold in front. Slip 1 stitch onto 2nd cable needle, hold in back. K2, p1 from 2nd cable needle, k2 from first cable needle."

Say what. TWO cable needles?

I finally did figure it out, and then when I worked on my Sea of Japan hat, came across the same cable again. That time, I figured out how to do it with just one cable needle.

Why not no cable needles at all?

It CAN be done. First, hie thee to Grumperina's website and familiarize yourself on how to cable without a cable needle in the first place. It's a great site and this is how I learned how to do cabling - I have never used a cable needle, except for one cowl in bulky weight yarn that had a cable with 16 stitches. Yikes.

So this is what the cable looks like in terms of setup: k2, p1, k2. We need to get the k2 stitches to cross, with the p1 still in the middle.
Here is how I did the 2-1-2 LC (red boxes are to help point out what I am doing with the stitches):

1. Slip the first 2 stitches onto the right needle.
2. Bring the yarn to the front of the next stitch (the purl stitch) and slip that onto the right needle.
3. Knit the next two stitches. All 5 stitches will be on the right needle.
4. This is where Grumperina's tutorial really comes in. First we need to get that purl stitch to the left side of the 2 stitches that were just knitted. Slip the left needle behind the purl stitch. "Pinch" the first two knit stitches with your left thumb and forefinger.
 5. This is why we "pinch": slip the right needle out from all 3 of those stitches (the two stitches already knitted on the left, and the purl stitch in the middle). The purl stitch will remain on the left needle, and the two knit stitches are hanging in the air. Bring the right needle in front of the purl stitch, and insert into the two knit stitches that are floating.
6. Purl the purl stitch on the left needle. Now on the right needle, you have 1 stitch purled, two stitches knit (that were originally on the right of the 2-1-2 combo) and two knit stitches still not yet knit all the way on the right. We need to bring those two knit stitches at the end all the way to the left.
7. Take the left needle and bring it to the front. Insert into those last two unknit knit stitches.
8. Pinch again, and slip the back right needle out from the stitches. The three stitches that were originally in the front of the two knit stitches now on the left needle are in the air; catch them with the right needle behind the left.
9. Knit the two stitches on the left needle and Voila! 2-1-2 left leaning cable with no cable needles.
Hope you enjoyed the tutorial - this is the first one that I've written so it's not quite perfect, but do drop a line if you have any questions.
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