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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Armchair Travel KAL

Want to come along and travel to Greece with me? 
 Knit a pattern or use a yarn to knit something inspired by Greece while I share the places I go and explore over the next two months. 


Time Frame: July 14 - September 2.

WIPs: If you have a WIP that was started on or after June 26, I will allow it for entry into the giveaway (since June 26 is the start of the school holidays for New York City). 

Requirements: Knit a pattern or with a yarn that is inspired that is inspired by a picture of Greece. Post your FO, picture and explanation in the FOs thread. 

Ideas: Beaches, monasteries, landmarks (Acropolis, White Tower in Thessaloniki, Temple of Poseidon), ocean - anything is possible! 

Don't forget: use the hashtag #armtravelKAL to tag your photos in social media and to link your project in Ravelry.

Double Dipping: Allowed! The point is to have fun. If a project for one KAL works for this one, go for it. 


Grand Prize: 1 Skein of Myth donated by Kristin of Voolenvine Yarns: 80/10/10 Merino Cashmere Nylon in Fingering Weight, 400 yds, and a few goodies from Greece! 
1 Skein of Zealana  Willow in Blueberry donated by Stitch Craft/Yarnsisters: 70/30 Merino Cashmere, DK, 280 yards.

And more TBD! Stay tuned. 

Have fun! On July 14, Chat and FOs threads will be open. 
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Vogue Knitting LIVE! NYC 2013 Recap Part 1: The Marketplace

I am back from a 3-day whirlwind of fun and fiber from the Marriot Marquis in Times Square, which hosted the third Vogue Knitting LIVE! in New York City. This year marked a change in venue, which was one of the common topics of conversation: everyone that I spoke with who was at VKL 2012 in New York commented how the new venue was so much better. 
As I was riding up the escalator towards the Marketplace preview Friday night,
I couldn't contain my excitement and anticipation.
The change in venue helped for two important reasons, the first being the lighting. Last year, I struggled to take decent photos (albeit with a point and shoot that did have manual features; this year I am with a DSLR and external flash, which I am still learning to use, but was great to play with and experiment this weekend). 

As such, the lighting in the Marriot Marquis was brighter and helped contribute to a general sense of elation and excitement. While speaking with Della of DellaQ about how this year compared to last year, she stated that there was a better vibe and sense of excitement this year. 
DellaQ's newest Interchangeable Needle Case set -
the slots are labeled for easy reference and use.
The second reason is even though the Marketplace was on two floors this year, the vendors did not disappoint. The marketplace was bigger and provided more variety for the discerning fiber artists and aficionados, with vendors offering the latest knitting and crochet tools to the newest needle organizers, project bags and fiber blends. 

Moreover, the Marketplace had a sense of order and theme: while on the 6th floor there were major yarn companies and yarn shops, the 5th floor was a showcase for the newest, best and brightest (in terms of color) indie dyers; several of my favorites included The Plucky Knitter, Jill Draper Makes Stuff and Dragonfly Fibers
The fun and friendly dyers behind The Plucky Knitter. 
This cowl is definitely going in my queue. 
For this solids loving girl, The Plucky Knitter was one of the many happy places in the Marketplace. 
Jill Draper showcasing her newest
forthcoming design.
Amazing handdyed yarns from Jill Draper Makes Stuff. 
Three years later, and my Traveling Woman made in their Djinni Sock still looks brand new. 
Dragonfly Fibers Djinni Sock in Winter Woods. This will be the first skein
I will break my Cold Sheep vow with for sure! 
Latest publications from Cooperative Press
On the 5th Floor, I had a lot of fun popping in and watching the book signings at the Knitty City booth, catching up with Tabbethia Long Island Livestock Company, trying out the FixIt! stitch tool, talking about the new luxury yarns (Quiviut blends!!!) over at Bijou Basin Ranch and checking out the new iPad case from Yarn Pop. For those who have the Mini, Lori did mention that they are working on one for the future. I'm excited because the current iPad case is not just an iPad case, but is also a needle case, perfect for traveling! Can't wait to get my hands on one when they do come out with it. 
Pearl Chin, left and Nicki Epstein at one of the many book signings in the Knitty City Booth. 
The amazing all natural Shepheress body care line at LI Livestock. Their booth is my happy place. 
Tabbethia's Wedding Shawl knit out of LI Livestock Company Yarn. 
Demonstrating how the Fix-A-Stitch works. 
Arctic Dream Quiviut/Cashmere/Silk yarn from Bijou Basin Ranch. 
Adorable and useful project bags and tablet cases from YarnPop. 
In addition, Vogue Knitting LIVE! had more to offer than just a marketplace and classes; when I saw that the Relaxation lounge offered (free!) hand massages, I knew I couldn't pass it up. Working and racing to finish the Larch Cardigan (as part of #larchcardiganwatch2013) was unsuccessful, but reminded me that I needed to take break since my RSI flared up. There was also seated yoga in a quieter section of the hotel away from the marketplace on the floors where classes were held, giving attendees a space to relax and get away from the marketplace. 
The hand massage was just the thing I needed. 
Other features of the Marketplace included the requisite yarn tasting section where you could try out new yarns such as Zealana Air and test drive Knitter's Pride needles, and the art gallery featuring knitted food and the adorable mochis from Mochimochiland. Fashion shows from designers and companies such as Nicki Epstein and Koigu showcased their designs and there were free talks and demos such as how to wash your finished objects with Soak
Yarn tasting - not only can you try the yarn, but also check out
the Knitter's Pride Needles, too. I did get myself a set of size 4 DPNs.
The gorgeous yarn bowl is from The Knitting Dude
The softest yarn, ever. And it keeps you very warm - more so than cashmere alone. 
Tiny Project Big Heart - knit socks for Premies out of Zealana Air. 
Mochimochimochimochimochimochi, by Anna Hrachovec
Soak wash, yarn AND nail polish? Match made in heaven for me. 
Finally, if you were interested in learning how to knit or crochet, there was the Bernat Beginner Lounge with Vickie Howell, where she taught enthusiastic future fiber artists the basic tools they needed to get started and join in on the fun. 
Learn how to knit or crochet! Next year I will definitely learn to crochet here. 
Squishy yarn at the Bernat Beginner Lounge. 
At the Bernat Beginner's Lounge. 
And the whole Marketplace was fun. While I walked away with no yarn (I am cold sheeping this year), I did get some goodies which I will share in a future post - what can a knitter get if there is no yarn or fiber buying? Trust me, there is alot. 

The Marketplace was where you could meet with your favorite designer and get his or her latest book signed, and learn about the latest and the best yarns tools and accessories. It proved that it was more than a place to shop, but to learn, experiment, socialize and create. 

Stay tuned; the second part of my Vogue Knitting LIVE! Recap will premiere on Tuesday and there will be a podcast recap and special edition of In the Conductor's Booth by the end of this week. Who do you think I interviewed this year? Check out last year's Vogue Knitting LIVE! interviewee, Clara Parkes, here

If you attended Vogue Knitting LIVE! what was your experience like? Share your experiences (and swag!) in the comments below. 
See you next year! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Episode 25: Stitching the Past

On the Needles
The Bella Mitts that I am knitting with Yarn Bee Melody Bulky that I purchased from Hobby Lobby back in South Carolina are 50% done. I finished the thumb of the mitt though it's a bit short. That being said, it has been so cold in NYC lately that while walking to and from VK Live I have been just wearing the one completed mitt in my left hand and sticking my right hand in my pocket. 

The one sad thing though which has stolen my knitting mojo even though I have a three day weekend is that I am missing some knitting. Its really important knitting because its for my partner in a swap I am participating in with my knitting group and its deadline knitting, which I am already behind in because I was first in a deadlock over what to knit and then now I can't find it. I really hope its in my work bag at school.

Stashers Anonymous 
All over twitter there is talk of the stash down and while I am gung ho for it, major knitting events are the exception for me which will be discussed later in the show. But first, Rachel from On the Round sent me a lovely skein of Wensleydale handspun in the colroway Heirloom which is in the neutral range but with hints of pink and green. It's got that rustic quality to it and a small itch factor which is totally fine by me! I am going to knit up the Jo March Mittens by Shalimar yarns in these as Rachel suggested these would make great fingerless mitts.
I also received a skein of yarn from Lisa of Roman Hills - she custom dyed it for my birthday! Its called The Beldon't.
Knitting Finds
Piddleloop Bags - my friend Regina has been raving about these projects bags ever since I met  her. I have always admired them from afar on Etsy and finally took the plunge. A lot of the fabrics that Jen and her sister use are very Marimekko-esque in their style - bright colorful prints that definitely put a smile on your face. They are very high quality as they are seamed and serged so you know they wont fall apart.

Stitching the Past
I posted a blog entry about the Coast and Country: The Gansey podcast and episode about the Gansey in Scotland a few days ago - it was really interesting to hear about howthe Moray Firth Gansey Project is working to preserve their local heritage through the gansey. One of the issues is that the men who the ganseys are knitted for as mentioned in the podcast wear the ganseys when they are buried, so according to the interviews, there are few of them remaining. There was a lovely recorded conversation about knitting the gansey (no pattern!) and what it meant for the people of the area.
Source: Maritime Heritage East Museum, England
However, just even scratching the surface with regards to ganseys brings up a slew of issues and some misconceptions - while in the interview the women discuss how the patterns in the ganseys help identify lost fishermen, but in Scotland?

 Vogue Knitting Live Recap
This weekend was Vogue Knitting Live in Manhattan - at one point I wasn't sure that I was going to go, but in the end I was able to make it and I'm glad I did. Much like how MS&W and Rhinebeck had different goals  my goal for VKL was overall, something different. A different fibre, perhaps something that I have never tried before.

I did find different things: 100% overspun silk from Creatively Dyed,  and the Zealana Rimu yarn from New Zealand - its fingering weight and 60% merino, 40% possum. That's something new. I got it in the colroway shadow for a MC and Kiwicrush, a chartreusy color for a colorwork hat. Apparently, Possum fibre has a bunch of really interesting attributes.

Zealana is also part of the initiative with Woolyarns to support the Kaori Wildlife Sanctuary in the Wellington area of NZ.

The best part of the marketplace was Long Island Livestock Company's booth. What caught my attention was that it was on Long Island which is pretty rare and the people that run it, Christopher and Tabbethia were extremely sweet and knowledable about the llamas and alpacas that are on their farm - they have educational programs which I hope I definitely will be able to attend in the future about the farm.
 On Saturday after our classes, I met up with Amy and Lisa of Roman Hills and our friend Shelley, who was showing her new DellaQ travel knitting needles/notions pouch in Margherita. I liked it so much that even though the market was closing, I ran and was able to snag one at the last minute.

What began as a chat about knitting the Larch Cardigan between Amy and I is now a full fledged, no holds barred, free for all Amy Christoffers Knit-Along. If you have been interested in knitting any of her patterns, join us over in the Sweater Odyssey 2012 group - there will be prizes! A skein of Roman Hills yarn, a row counter from Velvet Hippo, stitch markers from Madam Tootsie, and Amy Christoffers herself is donating a pattern of the winner's choosing. I am really looking forward to this - the KAL is from February 1-March 31 and I think that's enough time to crank out a new sweater for myself.

The second round of the Queue-Along is coming up also on February 1, so if an Amy Christoffers pattern pops up un your queue before the closing date of February 1 go right ahead! The QAL is to encourage us to knit things off our queues and if you want to add anything to it, the last day to do so is February 1. There will be prizes and I will announce those in the next episode or on February 1 on the Ravelry group and blog, depending on if I can squeeze another episode in. I will say though, the prizes are even more amazing and I wish I could have them all for myself.

Thanks for Listening!
 Closing Song: "Super Cool" by Bang Sugar Bang
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